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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Uddhava, Saint Eknath’s servant, had borrowed Rs.700 from a landlord on his master’s name to hold the Utsava. On the next day, the landlord pressed Uddhava for repayment and was put off by him. He got suspicious and feeling he’d never see his money back, he went straight to Eknath and threatened him: “In Panduranga’s name, you shouldn’t be allowed to eat until you repay your debt!”

Without feeling in the least put out, both Girija bai and Saint Eknath kept fasting and didn’t touch a morsel of food. Uddhava also didn’t eat.

Then Lord Panduranga (Sri Krishna) taking the form of Uddhava went up to the landlord. It was midnight and he was naturally much annoyed at being aroused from his sleep.

“What have you come for so late?”

“To return the money.”

“Can’t that wait till tomorrow?”

“And what about my master and his wife fasting?”

So, the landlord, much against his will, got up and went out to open his shop, accepted the money and gave a receipt canceling the debt.

The next day, the landlord feeling guilty of having caused trouble to a great saint like Saint Eknath, went to him and embraced his feet. “Forgive me!” he said. But Saint Eknath humbly replied that he was himself at fault and would resume eating as soon as he had repaid his debt in full.

Hearing this the landlord turned to Uddhava and exclaimed: “What! Didn’t you come last night to wake me up at midnight, with the money?”

“Certainly not!” replied the non-plussed Uddhava.

Saint Eknath went and opened his account book and there, neatly kept between the pages, was the receipt of the landlord.

Thus Saint Eknath knew that it was all the doings of Panduranga and tears came to his eyes. Seeing this, the landlord again fell at the feet of Saint Eknath begging for forgiveness and would not relent until Saint Eknath gave him reassurance and peace of mind. Nothing ever ruffled Saint Eknath who was always even-minded and full of compassion.

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