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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


It is useful to visualize the Kundalini ascending, as is recommended by some tantric techniques?


The Kundalini rises of its own accord, so what is the need for visualizing it? Kundalini is not imaginary. It is a real manifestation. It transcends imagination. Inner experiences, inner Kriyas, and inner yoga actually manifest as direct experience. There is no need to imagine anything.

The Guru Gita says that in the Sahasrara, the thousand-petalled Spiritual centre in the Cerebrum, there is a triangle, and in the middle of that triangle lives GURU – the inner Guru.

That Guru is supremely effulgent. The brilliance of His light equals a thousand suns. The only difference is that the light of the outer Sun is heating, whereas the light of the inner Guru is cooling.

The inner Guru reveals himself to everyone who meditates and gets into higher states of meditation. That Guru exists in the midst of the Divine Light, in the form of a Blue Dot called the Blue Pearl, which vibrates there all the time.

When you receive the message of truth from the Guru within, you become aware that the outer Guru you have been worshipping is no different from the inner Guru.

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Sant Eknath

Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Sant Eknath, said: “He, is a true saint, who suffers the slanders of others without anger and never feels hurt, because he has realized his oneness with the universe.”

He also condemned unnecessary penances of the body while the mind remains steeped in worldliness. “ To emaciate one’s body with fasts and the like is not true penance. So long as evil passions persist in man, all external appliances are useless.”

There is no bar on caste, colour, gender or age,” he would say. “God exists in all souls and one should behave alike with all.”

Only in solitude is one able to be face to face with God within own one’s own heart

Saint Eknath liked to quote the Avadhuta, who learnt by observing nature. He took 24 examples as ‘Gurus’ on which, to model his own life. He said that one could learn from nearly everything in the world, as the world was nothing but a storehouse of teachers. What is required, is, the ‘will’ to learn.!

Through love,” said Eknath, “the devotee can even become God. God and his devotees are akin to the ocean and its waves.”

The sayings of a saint who practised what he preached must be of special interest to us:

Duty well performed purifies the mind, and qualifies one for bhakti (devotion). The Vedas should be followed as long as one has not risen above attachment and duality, just as a watchman is needed to guard the fruits of a mango tree until the fruits are removed and then he can be dispensed with.

So, when a man transcends bodily consciousness, he is beyond the Vedic order.

God, who is so hard to obtain by yoga and austerities, comes rushing to the devout kirtanas!

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