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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadhri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

SathGuru Sri Gnanananda Swamigal attained Jeeva Samadhi at the Tapovanam at the town of Thirukoilur (situated 39 kms. From Thiruvannamalai, TamilNadu).

SathGuru Gnanananda, was a Siddhapurusha, operating on different planes of consciousness. With his matchless intuition he could sense the latent capacities and talents of his devotees and make them flower forth, to the astonishment of all. And that would be as natural and organic, as a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, a flower into a fruit. But what is more wondrous is that he could make a ‘rainbow out of granite!’

Most people operate at the level of their surface or gross consciousness. One cannot fail to take note of Swami’s mystifying and unpredictable treatment of his disciples. For instance, Swami had given a lamp to a young mother and asked er to keep it under her son’s cot. Her failure to do it continually, resulted in the loss of the child.

What may be considered a pleasing prospect at the surface level, may not necessarily be always good. Gnanananda Swamigal being a Siddhapurusha, operated from an absolute plane and therefore reacted differently at different points of time.

One should not seek the reason behind it. What needs to be understood is that whatever is laid down by the Guru, is essentially dictated by the need of the occasion, not as the onlooker sees it, but as it should be.

Once, a child of a close devotee of the Swami developed acute stomach complications. The Swami, by merely offering of a banana cured it. On another occasion, when someone, assuming the ashram to be some kind of a clinic, sought the Swami’s help was turned away by the reply: “There are plenty of professional doctors to treat the sick. They are jobless. You need not come here for that.”

On Daana (Charity):

SathGuru Gnanananda laid great emphasis on charity, more particularly on Anna Daana (offering of food). This would remind us of the esoteric significance of food, which is explained in the Taitiriyopanishad in these words:

“Whatsoever creatures the earth contain, truly all of them are born from food, kept alive by food and return with it in the end. Food is the first creation. Food is called ‘annam’ because creatures both consume it and are consumed by it.”

SathGuru Gnanananda frequently echoed Yoga Vasishta:

“The root of the mind and the root of the Prana are the same; controlling one, one could control the other.” Control of breath means merely watching the mind, the flow of breath.

Thought is that which activates the mind.” Without thought, the mind does not function and may then be said to cease to exist. Grief, mental distress, nervousness and irregular breathing are the symptoms of a distracted condition of the mind. The mind that is only a bundle of thoughts thus becomes extinct, like a fire not fed by fuel.

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