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Masts and their minds

The goal of the Masts being God, they get His direct support even for the maintenance of their physical existence, as long as it is required for their individual advancement, and for the spiritual advancement of their surroundings. Masts, because their minds are wholly occupied with their inner experiences, are drawn to the line of least resistance in the details of their day to day life, and are only amenable to that which requires the least conscious energy. For this very reason, they get easily excited when disturbed from their fixity of purpose or fixity of habits; when the mind is absolutely void of all desires and thoughts, and becomes free from all outside influences and connections, the functions of intellect and reasoning, though apparently lost or confused, are in fact transcended, and the unlimited spiritual domain is entered, where mind works directly, without recourse to its ordinary faculties.

The Mast’s mind knows No Reasoning

Naturally, the words and actions of such transcended souls appear mostly to be void of reasoning and to be inconsistent with intelligence, the more so because their bodies are not under the control of reason, but are kept alive by the infinite.

Their bodies thus endure all kinds of circumstances with complete indifference to their environment, and are uncared for by the masts themselves. Masts are, therefore, not only indifferent to their own physical existence and to the existence of others, but they also live as if absolutely detached from the world and its activities.

It is not difficult to appreciate the inability of these lovers of God and God-merged souls to pay attention to anyone or anything to their Divine Beloved, if we compare them with ordinary men and women who, when deep in human love, forsake and forget food, sleep and many other bodily needs.

It will not, however, be equally easy to reconcile the contradiction that these pure souls are invariably found surrounded by dirt and filth, so much so that nine cases out of ten, they are dirt and filth personified.

Because of the Mast being stationed in the inner planes, which are free from the limitations and handicaps of the gross world, a Mast can be, and often is, in contact with a far greater number of souls than is possible for an ordinary man.

The mind of a Mast is a nucleus of conscious formations, with innumerable and far reaching links. A Mast can therefore be a mere effective agent for spiritual work than the most able persons of the gross world.

The mind of a Mast is also often used directly by a Perfect Master as a medium for sending his spiritual help to different parts of the world. Very often, when the Perfect Master is helping a Mast, he is also helping the world through him at that very time. When a Mast thus surrenders his mind for the work of a Perfect Master, he is, in fact, getting closer to the Master as Truth. He is being perfected for more rapidly than would have been the case if he had avoided such surrender. The Perfect Master makes them spiritually perfect in his own image.

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