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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Divine Name is replete with countless divine virtues of God, such as forgiveness, compassion, serenity, love, wisdom, even-mindedness, guilelessness, and so on. Just as a tiny seed of a banyan tree, when sown in a fertile soil and carefully watered, grows into a beautiful plant and eventually into a full-grown tree , even so the Divine Name sown in the soil of the heart and fed with water in the form of holding communion with devotees of the Lord and study of the scriptures give rise to the tree of divine virtue. The idea is that by muttering, chanting, hearing and dwelling on the Divine Name, the Divine virtues of the Lord are naturally manifested in the devotee’s heart. These are some virtues of the Divine Name.

The practice of chanting the Divine Name and singing and hearing it in the mind, eradicates all sins and evil propensities, like egotism and attachment, partiality and prejudice, lust and anger, greed and infatuation. It further rids one of immoral habits such as lying, hypocrisy, thieving, committing violence and adultery; it ends all sorrow. The worshiper develops all noble virtues and right conduct which qualify him for God-realization. Such is the glory of the Divine Name.

The Lord and His Name are identical; nay, His essential character and Name as well as the knowledge about Him are one and the same. In fact, it is the Lord Himself who stands manifested in the form of His Name. He who understands this, grasps the truth of the Divine Name.

Mental Japa of the Divine Name is a hundred times more efficacious than that carried on with a mere utterance alone. And if this mental Japa is accompanied with reverence and love its efficacy becomes infinite; and, further, if it is performed with singular love and kept secret it ensures speedy God-realization. He who realizes this secret shall never commit sin on the strength of the Divine Name. Such is the secret of the Divine Name.


(Excerpts from The Secret of Premayoga – The Longing for God-Vision (Gita Press))

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