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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Could you tell me about one of your experiences of the Divine?


Great divinity lives within man.

When by my Guru’s Grace, I reached the heart centre, (not physical) in meditation I could see the entire cosmos. The heart centre is most wondrous. In that centre I saw and experienced love. I also experienced the centre of knowledge, which is the centre of all arts. From the heart centre I moved up to the centre between the eyes, and that centre would release the most celestial fragrances.

When I reached the cerebral centre-  the highest centre-  I saw the Supreme Light blazing, by a thousand suns. Then I heard the most melodious harmonies in the spaces surrounding the inner sun, and nothing in the outer world can surpass within. I would get into the state of natural Samadhi. In the midst of this light I saw a glorious spectacle – a tiny blue dot – the Blue Pearl.

Man is great, he is sublime, and he is divine. God’s glory lives in him in all its fullness.

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