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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Nagina is a town in Uttar Pradesh, where a Kaji by name Ahmad Ali Shah lived. He worked as a Kuriki Officer i.e. he looked after the auctioning of insolvents’ property. His pay was low and he compensated it by accepting bribes freely. When he was transferred from that place he found that in the accounts there was a deficit of Rs. 24/- and he was charged with misappropriation of money. He spent thousands of rupees in bribing superior officer to escape punishment but it was all in vain. In desperation he started seeking the divine intervention of Sadhus and Fakirs. When he almost grew desperate even in this endeavor, someone suggested to him to seek the protection of Hazrat Tajuddin Baba. So he promptly arrived in Nagpur and went to the saint.

Immediately on seeing him Tajuddin Huzur said, “Stay!” Accordingly he stayed in Nagpur for four days and on the fifth day he again approached the saint. He again ordered “Stay!” after some more days, Huzur Tajuddin gave him permission to go home saying, “I am with you.”

Ahmed Ali Shah returned home full of apprehension and knocked the door. To his utter surprise when the door was opened for him no one in the house expressed any curiosity regarding his trips or absence from home for so many days.

When he asked his wife to pay for the coachman she picked up a quarrel with him and asked him whether he had brought the earrings for her which he had been promising her everyday and did so even the day before. The Kaji was amazed at her remarks. He told her that he was returning home after nearly one year of wandering from Fakir to Fakir.

But none in the house believed his words. For they saw him everyday, going out in the morning and returning in the evening. The saw him repeating the Lord’s name to himself incessantly through the nights. The Kaji brushed aside everything they said as sheer nonsense. Then they even told him that the case of misappropriation was decided in his favour and that he even drew his pay for the period.

The Kazi could not understand anything. He went to his office but there too he was surprised to see that no one in the office expressed any curiosity about his long absense from his seat. When he looked into the office register, there was his daily signature. The same day his superior officer sent for him and expressed his sympathy and regrets for the worry the case had caused him. But he did not say a word about Ahmed Ali’s long absence from the office.

Then he remembered the parting message of Tajuddin Sarkar, ” I am with you.” He realized that, assuming his form, Huzur Tajuddin had been mysteriously attending to the court affairs and the office all through that year!

Ahmed Ali was overwhelmed with gratitude and wanted to express the same personally to the great Fakir and left for Nagpur. He had to change trains at Delhi. There a man and a dog, which walked, met him by his side. The ticket collector asked the Kaji for their tickets too; for the stranger said that he and his dog were the companions of the Kaji and that he had their tickets with him!

The Kaji was exasperated and protested that he is not answerable to them, as they were not his companions. When he came out of the station he could not see the dog and the man anywhere. He felt relieved of the nuisance. Later he reached Nagpur and approached Huzur Tajuddin Baba to touch His feet in homage.

On seeing him Baba laughed loudly and said, “Did I not tell you that I am with you?” But at the Delhi Railway Station you disowned Me and broke off from My Company! The Kaji was again shocked to learn that the man with the dog whom he encountered at the Delhi Railway Station was Tajuddin himself and that he had stupidly disowned him.

He shed tears and with folded hands begged to be pardoned. Tajuddin Sarkar was only too ready to pardon him and comforted him with a smile and blessing.

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