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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Sri Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon1

(Maharaj Manifested-23.02.1818.MahaSamadhi-08.09.1910.)

“One should adhere to what he speaks or vow, to get the blessings of God.” “One should not violate the vows to God and saints.”

Every day people used to come to Shegaon to get their desires fulfilled. Among them were two men from Balapur, who, on their way, vowed to offer ‘ganja’, to Swamiji, if their wishes were fulfilled. They believed that Sri Maharaj liked Ganja more than sweets. The next time they came to Shegaon, they had forgotten to bring ganja. They felt embarassed, and vowed to bring twice the quantity the next time. Again they forgot to bring it. Seeing them Sri Maharaj said to Bhaskar, “Look at the way people behave. They vow to do something and forget it. They are brahmanas by caste and do not know that Brahmanas should practise as they preach. That is why this caste has lost its superiority. When they vow something and forget, how can they expect to get their desires fulfilled? Bhaskara, one should adhere to what he speaks or vow, to get the blessings of God.”

These words hurt them very much and they looked at each other in surprise to see that Maharaj knew everything that was in their mind. When they saw that Sri Maharaj knew everything about their vow and subsequent failing to fulfill it, they got up to go to Market and bring the ganja immediately. There upon Sri Maharaj said, “why are you now crying over the spilt milk? I have no craze for Ganja; so don’t go to the market now. Only remember that one should keep up his vows and promises to deserve the God’s blessings, as liars don’t get them. Now you go, and bring Ganja only on fulfillment of your desire. It will be fulfilled next week. But remember to come here five times for the Darshan of Sri Shiva, by whose blessings Kubera became rich. Go, prostrate before Him and do not to forget to bring ganja next time.

1(Sri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon, Buldana District, Maharashtra.

Shegaon is a ‘B’ grade Railway Station on Nagpur – Mumbai railway line. Except Geetanjali Express every express train stops there. As one exits from the railway station the Sansthan’s bus service is kept available to him. The Maharaj’s Samadhi Mandir is approachable within a ten minute walk from the station.)

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