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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Guru is the awakened. Guru is a spiritual guide.

Just as you require a teacher to teach you arts and sciences relating to the world of nature around you, you need a guide on the spiritual path.

Just as a professor should be qualified in the subject he teaches, so should the spiritual guide, qualified enough, to guide you. He must be perfect in the science of spirituality; which means, that he must have attained the realization of God. When you have such a guide, you can safely entrust yourself to his hands and you are sure to progress on the path without any hindrance, provided your aspiration is intense and you follow his guidance.

The meaning of the word Guru is “dispeller of darkness.” The role of the Guru therefore, is to awaken God-Consciousness in you and lead you to Him.

The Guru is Akhanda, undivided;
The Guru is Advaitha, nondual.

When one conceives of him as the Divine, one’s true self, one receives not only material benefits but also the divine grace and true knowledge.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Spiritual Masters doesn’t argue. They don’t try to convince; they demonstrate. They say; come with me, I know a window from where you Can look into the open sky. Remaining closed in this dark room, how can I convince that there is open sky- infinite?

The Spiritual Masters are very, very particular about words – if they do use them, they use them very telegraphically.

This is what the man of the world has always said to the mystic: “Don’t talk nonsense. Be practical and talk the language that we understand”. Spiritual Masters says, “This is the way to know. We can’t explain it to you. It is so mysterious that it will be almost a profanity to bring it to your level. TRUTH can’t be brought to your level; the only way possible, the only way left, is that you can be brought to the level of TRUTH.

Remember, before you reach to the Real Master, to the authentic Master, to the SathGuru, you will come across many false Masters. So don’t get hooked. A Real Master dead is more potent than an unreal master alive. If you have been following a Real Master and the Master is no more, then it is the responsibility of the Master to send you to another Real Master so that your growth can continue. No Master can help you faster. This speed mania has to be dropped. There is no need. EACH STEP HAS TO BE ENJOYED AND CELEBRATED.

If a tree has to grow a hundred feet into the sky, it has to grow a hundred feet underneath the earth. Those roots take time. You don’t see the roots; roots are not visible. When you come to a Master, the Master sees your roots. He sees how many roots you have. If you suddenly grow too fast and the roots are not ready to hold you that big, you will fall down, you will topple down. You will not be able to grow at all. And once you have fallen down it is very difficult to get rooted again.

Spiritual Masters always demonstrate; they are very practical and scientific people. Scientific truth can be learned. You can go to a school; you can learn from a teacher. Religious truth can’t be learned. It has to be created, not learned. You cannot go to a teacher. It can’t be taught, there is no way to teach it. You will have to go to a Master not to a teacher.

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