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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Guru is the awakened. Guru is a spiritual guide.

Just as you require a teacher to teach you arts and sciences relating to the world of nature around you, you need a guide on the spiritual path.

Just as a professor should be qualified in the subject he teaches, so should the spiritual guide, qualified enough, to guide you. He must be perfect in the science of spirituality; which means, that he must have attained the realization of God. When you have such a guide, you can safely entrust yourself to his hands and you are sure to progress on the path without any hindrance, provided your aspiration is intense and you follow his guidance.

The meaning of the word Guru is “dispeller of darkness.” The role of the Guru therefore, is to awaken God-Consciousness in you and lead you to Him.

The Guru is Akhanda, undivided;
The Guru is Advaitha, nondual.

When one conceives of him as the Divine, one’s true self, one receives not only material benefits but also the divine grace and true knowledge.

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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

There are three principal modes of comprehending the words of a Sathpurusha:

Scholarship One is to explain by various references, comments and examples; this the most common mode; for this the interpreter has to be a great scholar with wide reading, thought, research and experience, and in that too, he himself must have learnt in a traditional way; the student in this case also, has to be a person of no mean intelligence, work and capacity.

Self-realization A person, who has no such scholarship, (from the worldly point of view), but who has attained the Para-Brahma, goes on talking about whatever he experiences in that state, either in a plain or a couched manner. His simple talks always have a subtle and deep meaning even though superficially they may not strike as of much importance. To understand these talks and derive the significance of their meaning can only be beneficial; in short, every listener cannot grasp what is spoken to them. His talks are not only very simple but they are illustrated with various common examples from one’s daily life.These talks of his run in the traditional groove. This mode is indeed, superior to the first.

Guru-Sishya tradition The best way to self-illumination is the Guru-Sishya tradition. The Guru and his disciple may be far away, or, very near to each other. Even when they are together they are never seen to exchange a single word. The guru secretly acts on the mind of the disciple; the mind of the disciple gets linked up to that of his guru; and as the mind of the guru is in that state of Brahma, in due course, the mind of the disciple also passes into that state. There has been no talk, no explanation, and no external sign of any communication between them. In this the disciple spontaneously begins to understand everything by himself.

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