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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


What do the lights, sounds and other phenomena that arise in meditation, indicate to a seeker? Can these be products of imagination, of an immature seeker?


The lights and sounds and other phenomena arise to dissolve a seeker’s delusion. They are real. Nada (Dwani) (Nada Para Brahma), or inner sounds, releases the flow of various nectars that import new strength and agility to the body and cause love to spring up from within. As for the vision of light – the very nature of the self is light. These lights lead a seeker to his final destination; so how can they not be real? A true mediator sees real lights and hears real sounds, day after day, until he goes beyond them to the final truth. These phenomena seem unreal or imaginary only to one who has not meditated and who has not had a direct experience of them. Immature seekers may imagine they perceive such things, but when one experiences them directly, there is never any doubt about the validity of these experiences.

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    Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

There are two other terms used to designate two types of God realized soul, the first ghous, and the second, a qutub.

There are a very few Masts who have the qualities of a ghous. Such Masts are termed ghous-like, and are able to disconnect their limbs from their bodies when in a certain state of consciousness.

Such Masts are fond of lonely places, because, with this characteristic of separating the parts of their body, they prefer to remain hidden from the eyes of ordinary man.

The following are in ascending order of spiritual progress:

1. Hawa:

This is the lowest state. A man with hawa is in a condition of permanent relationship to the spiritual path; he is not on the path, but is not far from it.

2. Seeker:

This is an intermediate state. The seeker is still not on the path, but he is closer to it than a man with hawa. He is like a man who is searching for the beginning of a footpath, wandering here and there earnestly determined to find it.

3. Initiate Pilgrim:

He is a man on the first plane, between the first plane and the second, or on the second plane.

4. Advanced Pilgrim:

He is a man on the third plane, between the third plane and the fourth, or on the fourth plane.

5. Adept Pilgrim:

He is a man on the fifth plane, between the fifth plane and the sixth, or on the sixth plane.

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