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Sant Namadeva’s Test

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae



Saint Jnaneshwar, his brothers Nivrutti Nath, Sopan and sister Mukta came for the first time to Pandharpur to have a darshan of Vithala. They fell at the feet of the Murti without first bowing to the devotees Nama Deva.

Thereupon Nama Deva felt exceedingly hurt and composed couplets censuring the young family of saints who did not even show normal respect to him who attended on the Lord day in and day out.

Mukta, who was not even in her teens, retorted that it was strange indeed for one who called himself a saint to speak thus. “He has learnt nothing, though he lives near God all the time.” Her brothers tried to pacify her but she went on saying. ” His pride is an impediment to his realization; he must give it up.” And then and there she composed abhangas decrying those pose as saints without the necessary humility.

Finally it was agreed that another much respected saint Gora, who was a potter, would test Nama Deva’s spiritual achievement. Having tested several saints including Jnaneshwar and his brothers and sister, Saint Gora found them all “Baked Pots” but when the turn of Nama Deva came, he pronounced him an “Unbaked Pot,” or one who was not yet fully established in selfless relationship with God.

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