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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadi Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal

Self-Illumination (Self-Realization) – Attained by a devotee of

Sri Seshadri Swamigal of Thiruvannamalai by His magical touch

“The camphor has lit up, what could I do?”

Murugesa Mudaliar of Chittoor (A.P.) was the co-brother of Sivaprakasa Mudaliar, the police prosecuting Inspector at Thiruvannamalai. He had retired as a Sub- Registrar. Having heard so much about Swamiji, he developed a yearning to see him. On one occasion he had to come to Thiruvannamalai with his entire family to attend to some obsequies. At that time he met Swamiji and prostrated before him. One day he prayed to Swamiji to impart spiritual knowledge. Seeing his pure heart and strength of determination, Swamiji one day took him to the sanctum of Lord Muruga (Lord Kartik) at the Kambathu Illayanar Shrine, made him sit down and lightly pressed his head with right hand. Right away, Self-Illumination dawned on Murugesa Mudaliar, who became ecstatic and jumped with joy.

He ran out shouting loudly, “Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Seshadri Seshadri!” He danced, sang and jumped up, and down. He did not even notice that his dhoti had slipped off. He was totally bereft of so-called decency and his body senses. People started gathering wondering whether it was a disease or what. Siva Prakasa Mudaliar and other relatives were un-nerved and asked Swamiji what had happened.

Swamiji replied, “He is Pattinathu Pillai (a saint of that name in his previous birth) and was ready for spiritual instruction and sought it and I imparted the same.”

The camphor has lit up, what could I do?”

Siva Prakasa Mudaliar and other relatives ran after him. For two or three days he was in ecstasy and ran to Ramanashram and other places shouting Rama Nama and doing things in a peculiar manner and did not pay any heed to the relatives plea to come back. Therefore Siva Prakasa Mudaliar requested Swamiji to bring him back home. By chance Swamiji saw him near the Sadhu Chatram and in gentle voice told him, “You can go home.” Immediately after that Murugesa Mudaliar returned to his co-brother’s house.

Siva Prakasa Mudaliar saw Swamiji that midnight at the temple of Lord Muruga (Lord Karthik) (Kambathu Ilayanar Srine situated inside Sri Arunachaleshwar Temple). Swamiji told him that Murugesa Mudaliar could not bear the illumination. It worked on his brain. Since that was very powerful, it will take few days to become normal. Accordingly, he became perfectly peaceful and returned to his normal self after few days. Later he was living at Chittoor as a spiritually enlightened person.

Swamiji imparting spiritual instruction through touch! (Sparsa Diksha)

Love rules the court, the camp, the grove,

The men below and saints above,

For love is heaven and heaven is love.”

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Chandogyopanishad lays down that a spiritual aspirant must approach a self- realized Guru in a proper manner. Even when the need to seek a perfect master (Sathpurushas – SathGuru) is accepted, it is no easy matter to recognize whom, among the galaxy of religious personalities, is indeed the perfect one. For, as in all other matters, the fakes who claim realization, which they do not have, are legion.

A typical saint of the Guru – tradition, Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi says,

Guru is all the Gods,”

and addressing those who wished to be accepted as his chelas, he said,

It is not the Guru that makes himself your Guru. It is you who must regard him as your Guru, i.e. place faith in him and meditate on him.”

To those who had accepted Him as the object of their contemplation, He said,

Sai Baba does not mean this body of five and a half feet. He who thinks that Sai Baba is at Shirdi only has not seen Sai Baba at all.”

It may even be said that for most people, the devout study of the life and teaching of a saint is more useful than the immediate presence of a saint. For human nature being what it is, even though a seeker stays with a sage, he comes to focus his attention on the physical frame of the sage than on His state of realization, which is the essence of it all. This is the reason why devotional reading of holy biographies came to enjoin as a form of spiritual endeavour in itself.

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Sant Eknath

Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Sant Eknath, said: “He, is a true saint, who suffers the slanders of others without anger and never feels hurt, because he has realized his oneness with the universe.”

He also condemned unnecessary penances of the body while the mind remains steeped in worldliness. “ To emaciate one’s body with fasts and the like is not true penance. So long as evil passions persist in man, all external appliances are useless.”

There is no bar on caste, colour, gender or age,” he would say. “God exists in all souls and one should behave alike with all.”

Only in solitude is one able to be face to face with God within own one’s own heart

Saint Eknath liked to quote the Avadhuta, who learnt by observing nature. He took 24 examples as ‘Gurus’ on which, to model his own life. He said that one could learn from nearly everything in the world, as the world was nothing but a storehouse of teachers. What is required, is, the ‘will’ to learn.!

Through love,” said Eknath, “the devotee can even become God. God and his devotees are akin to the ocean and its waves.”

The sayings of a saint who practised what he preached must be of special interest to us:

Duty well performed purifies the mind, and qualifies one for bhakti (devotion). The Vedas should be followed as long as one has not risen above attachment and duality, just as a watchman is needed to guard the fruits of a mango tree until the fruits are removed and then he can be dispensed with.

So, when a man transcends bodily consciousness, he is beyond the Vedic order.

God, who is so hard to obtain by yoga and austerities, comes rushing to the devout kirtanas!

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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The only way to realize God is service of Humanity”

Hazrat Tajuddin Baba’s (Nagpur), glorious mission assumes a dimension, which is far superior to the narrow concept of personal salvation devoid of any wider humanistic significance. He demonstrated that the saints are the only true witness to the truths of Religion; that the dogma, bigotry or ritual forms of religion cannot tie them down. Though a Muslim by birth, the great saint never treated Hindus as aliens; he never criticized or condemned their faith, never discriminated against them in showering his grace and the gifts. Instances speak better than words.

Islam is like all the other revealed religions in that it is based on love and peace and not on hatred. Religion is only a means and God is the only end. God, while on earth will protect such a man of complete faith; and when the hour of death, chosen by God arrives, the true devotee would attain immortality in heaven. No mortal can kill him. The Hindus worship me as their God. I allow them to do so. But I myself am a devotee of God.

Thus Tajuddin Baba did not merely acquiesce to the persistent practice of orthodox people. On the other hand, he demonstrated his transcendence over narrow factionalism by actively helping men of other religions also in their troubles and spiritual progress.

Among his disciples was the great Parsi saint Meher Baba also, whom countless people hailed as a perfect Spiritual Master.

There was the Hindu Sadhu Upasni Maharaj, the famous saint of Sakori. The spiritual attitude of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin is evident from the fact that He and Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, acted in tacit union in the shaping of several spiritual giants and the two saints, mentioned above, Upasni Baba and Meher Baba are the products of their united efforts.

Distinction between ‘I’ and ‘He’ :

Once at Sakardara Tajuddin Baba was strolling on the bank of a tank about 2 p.m. he was followed by a group of devotees.

One of them was one Chand Khan. The Baba stopped at the place and asked Chand Khana: “When such a great saint is going, why don’t you recite any praise?” Chand khan obeyed and sang a song, which was a verse in praise, on hearing its last line Baba suddenly said: “Keep quiet, you are hitting me with big stones”. Chand Khan was surprised at this mysterious remark. The remark obviously implied that Baba Tajuddin could not stand the distinction between ‘I’ and ‘He’ in the sense of difference. He implied that the difference between the ‘I’ and ‘He’ (Almighty) must be annihilated in the Lord.

He corrected ‘them’ for confining Divinity to his physical frame, for the Lord is immanent in ‘all’ including the devotees. This was the teaching of all great saints that men should try to tear down the ‘veil’ that hides His face.

Once a devotee had a grievance: “Master, my mind is caught up in duality.” Baba replied, “It is because the six wicked ones have taken shelter in your heart. Loneliness is needed to be free of them.”

On another occasion, Baba clarified that “solitude does not lie in the forests but even while being in the world, the mind should be alone, aloof of all worldly enticements.” To another devotee who made a similar complaint, the Baba said: “Free the captive pigeons” which implied that his desires, like the captive pigeons, awreak havoc in his heart, and that driving them out is the only way to leave the heart quiet and clear, as expressed in these lines:

A perfect Master can transfer mystical experience to others.

Merely putting on the garb of a Sadhu or Fakir, merely uttering the daily Puja and Namaz cannot lead one to God realization.

He alone is a man, indeed, who has conquered all human desires and anger. In the path of divinity these two are man’s foremost enemies. Anger and lust for woman make a man blind. There is no other way out for man but to conquer these deadly enemies if one wants to tread on the path of divinity and attain God.

The Lord asks me for explanation regarding their sins and not them, for they are mine.

One morning Huzoor Tajuddin was sitting at the main gate at Sakardara. He wrote a long overall at that time. One Karim Baba went to him at about 5a.m. and prostrated before him.

Tajuddin asked him, “How do I look now?” Karim said, “You shine bright in the glory of God.” Then Tajuddin Sarkar stripped himself completely naked and repeated the same question. Karim answered, “You shine in the majesty of God”.

Tajuddin then kept the hand leaves of his garments in Karim’s hand and said, “Hold fast you need fear nothing either here or hereafter.”

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

When a Sathpurusha bestows his Kripa on somebody, he removes his faculty of knowing – He strips him off the trinity – the knower, the knowledge and all that is to be known. If a saint tells a man, to remember and perform japa of any particular God and that person does accordingly, only sticking to it by giving up everything else in and of the world, he does not allow his mind and reasoning to thing of or probe into anything else. Then his mind becomes so engrossed in it that it is completely cut off and shut off from the world. This is exactly what is meant by, or, expected of, blind faith. Blind faith thus means shutting off the mind from everything else except the One, in which the faith is placed.

Once the mind gets well attached to any of the Mantras, by constant repetition, then in due course, it begins to remain unaffected by the affairs and relations of this world. If by chance, however, the worldly worries still persist, the karma is soon washed away by the effect of that Mantra, which, being a form of Para-Brahma, is able to wash away the perishable and false impressions of the world.

Such is the wonderful result and glory of blind faith in the Sathpurusha.

The Sathpurusha takes responsibility for the whole world, thereafter!

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