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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The only way to realize God is service of Humanity”

Hazrat Tajuddin Baba’s (Nagpur), glorious mission assumes a dimension, which is far superior to the narrow concept of personal salvation devoid of any wider humanistic significance. He demonstrated that the saints are the only true witness to the truths of Religion; that the dogma, bigotry or ritual forms of religion cannot tie them down. Though a Muslim by birth, the great saint never treated Hindus as aliens; he never criticized or condemned their faith, never discriminated against them in showering his grace and the gifts. Instances speak better than words.

Islam is like all the other revealed religions in that it is based on love and peace and not on hatred. Religion is only a means and God is the only end. God, while on earth will protect such a man of complete faith; and when the hour of death, chosen by God arrives, the true devotee would attain immortality in heaven. No mortal can kill him. The Hindus worship me as their God. I allow them to do so. But I myself am a devotee of God.

Thus Tajuddin Baba did not merely acquiesce to the persistent practice of orthodox people. On the other hand, he demonstrated his transcendence over narrow factionalism by actively helping men of other religions also in their troubles and spiritual progress.

Among his disciples was the great Parsi saint Meher Baba also, whom countless people hailed as a perfect Spiritual Master.

There was the Hindu Sadhu Upasni Maharaj, the famous saint of Sakori. The spiritual attitude of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin is evident from the fact that He and Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, acted in tacit union in the shaping of several spiritual giants and the two saints, mentioned above, Upasni Baba and Meher Baba are the products of their united efforts.

Distinction between ‘I’ and ‘He’ :

Once at Sakardara Tajuddin Baba was strolling on the bank of a tank about 2 p.m. he was followed by a group of devotees.

One of them was one Chand Khan. The Baba stopped at the place and asked Chand Khana: “When such a great saint is going, why don’t you recite any praise?” Chand khan obeyed and sang a song, which was a verse in praise, on hearing its last line Baba suddenly said: “Keep quiet, you are hitting me with big stones”. Chand Khan was surprised at this mysterious remark. The remark obviously implied that Baba Tajuddin could not stand the distinction between ‘I’ and ‘He’ in the sense of difference. He implied that the difference between the ‘I’ and ‘He’ (Almighty) must be annihilated in the Lord.

He corrected ‘them’ for confining Divinity to his physical frame, for the Lord is immanent in ‘all’ including the devotees. This was the teaching of all great saints that men should try to tear down the ‘veil’ that hides His face.

Once a devotee had a grievance: “Master, my mind is caught up in duality.” Baba replied, “It is because the six wicked ones have taken shelter in your heart. Loneliness is needed to be free of them.”

On another occasion, Baba clarified that “solitude does not lie in the forests but even while being in the world, the mind should be alone, aloof of all worldly enticements.” To another devotee who made a similar complaint, the Baba said: “Free the captive pigeons” which implied that his desires, like the captive pigeons, awreak havoc in his heart, and that driving them out is the only way to leave the heart quiet and clear, as expressed in these lines:

A perfect Master can transfer mystical experience to others.

Merely putting on the garb of a Sadhu or Fakir, merely uttering the daily Puja and Namaz cannot lead one to God realization.

He alone is a man, indeed, who has conquered all human desires and anger. In the path of divinity these two are man’s foremost enemies. Anger and lust for woman make a man blind. There is no other way out for man but to conquer these deadly enemies if one wants to tread on the path of divinity and attain God.

The Lord asks me for explanation regarding their sins and not them, for they are mine.

One morning Huzoor Tajuddin was sitting at the main gate at Sakardara. He wrote a long overall at that time. One Karim Baba went to him at about 5a.m. and prostrated before him.

Tajuddin asked him, “How do I look now?” Karim said, “You shine bright in the glory of God.” Then Tajuddin Sarkar stripped himself completely naked and repeated the same question. Karim answered, “You shine in the majesty of God”.

Tajuddin then kept the hand leaves of his garments in Karim’s hand and said, “Hold fast you need fear nothing either here or hereafter.”

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