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    Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

There are two other terms used to designate two types of God realized soul, the first ghous, and the second, a qutub.

There are a very few Masts who have the qualities of a ghous. Such Masts are termed ghous-like, and are able to disconnect their limbs from their bodies when in a certain state of consciousness.

Such Masts are fond of lonely places, because, with this characteristic of separating the parts of their body, they prefer to remain hidden from the eyes of ordinary man.

The following are in ascending order of spiritual progress:

1. Hawa:

This is the lowest state. A man with hawa is in a condition of permanent relationship to the spiritual path; he is not on the path, but is not far from it.

2. Seeker:

This is an intermediate state. The seeker is still not on the path, but he is closer to it than a man with hawa. He is like a man who is searching for the beginning of a footpath, wandering here and there earnestly determined to find it.

3. Initiate Pilgrim:

He is a man on the first plane, between the first plane and the second, or on the second plane.

4. Advanced Pilgrim:

He is a man on the third plane, between the third plane and the fourth, or on the fourth plane.

5. Adept Pilgrim:

He is a man on the fifth plane, between the fifth plane and the sixth, or on the sixth plane.

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    Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

A Mast and a Salik on the sixth plane are both in marifat, God-illumined, God-knowing; but a mast and a Salik when entering the seventh plane are both majzoobs. This means that even a Salik, when he enters the seventh plane, is over powered. The word majoobs means, literally, one who is under Jazb, and although the jazb of all planes, up to and including the sixth plane, is limited, on the seventh plane it is unlimited and Divine. The Sufi term of God-merged is majoob Allah, for a majoob is the only one who is completely overpowered by jazb.

When a rahrav enters the seventh plane he takes duality into unity and when he comes down again he brings unity into duality.

Now, if a majoob of the seventh plane comes down to normal consciousness, he becomes one of the three things:

1. A Salik – e – Kamil or Jivanmukta, who has no circle and no duty, but can make a few souls spiritually like himself.

2. A Salik – e – akmal, who establishes himself in the work of God, and has no circle, but has duty. Although he has no circle he can make a few souls spiritually like himself.

3. A Salik – e – mukammil or qutub, who has duty and a circle, and can make as many souls as he wishes spiritually like himself.

One should not assume that every advanced soul reaches this great goal of becoming merged in God, and to illustrate the utter rarity of God-realization.

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