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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

When you are qualified to receive the Holy Grace, when there is enough space in your heart to contain and cherish the Lord, He becomes pleased with you and then He enters and settles down in your heart in the form of happiness!

That is the Prasaadam!

He performs some good or bad actions, for your benefit, in a visible or invisible way.

If a devotee is troubled, or yearns for His guidance, then the SathGuru appears in his dream, guides him, advises him and reassures him. Sometimes in a dream He even is angry with the devotee, or admonishes or strikes him, (of course, for the devotee’s welfare!)Any such experience in a dream, or in a secret manner, or an actual Darshanam (manifestation) is also regarded as His Prasaadam.

Similarly if He abuses you outright, strikes, or, throws something at you, or talks to you sweetly and advises you, or by simple looking at you suggests an idea within your mind, then you can be well assured that you have His Prasaadam!

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