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JAPA – Chanting the name of God!

Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The easiest way to attain union with God is through constant repetitive chanting of His name. By chanting the name of God with all faith and devotion, your mind gets thoroughly purified and the God within, reveals Himself in your heart, in all His glory and splendour, and the peace that is hidden within you becomes manifest in all your actions – rather, fills your entire mental and physical being!

To bring out the latent glory and power of the Divine, the easiest way is to chant the holy name of our Lord!. God and His name are not different. Name is just a tag, a nomenclature, – a bridge between God and us!

The ‘name’ takes us to Him, and makes us realize that the name and He are one and the same. When you go on repeating His name, you will find that the name tastes sweeter and sweeter. It is sweeter than nectar. Only those who have chanted it know its power. !

A person who has come from a long distance wants to go to Mumbai, sees the signpost and is happy he has found the way. Suppose he takes a garland of flowers, puts it on the post, sits below it and worships it that cannot take him to Mumbai. This is how people generally act. If they simply sit and worship the Guru/God by so doing they can’t reach goal.

  • How does one chant the name of God?

  • It should not be with egotism or false pride. If one repeats His name with such a mind-set, one would not get any benefit. If one is humble and meek, then alone will he derive real benefit. There is no difference between the bhakthi path of the Hindus and the Sufis. Bhakthi yoga, refers to a full devotion to God and not mere worshiping.

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