Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The state of Divine Love is a wonderful state. When a talk about God proceeds, and both the speaker and the hearer are absorbed in tasting the sweet nectar of that talk, let it proceed even if God Himself appears on the scene, let it not by any means be disturbed. There is a unique sweetness in all talks of the dearest. When one develops relish for it, he will not desire anything else. The ways of Love are quite peculiar and uncommon. He who has got the relish of Divine Love, what else requires to be accomplished of him? The Lord examines only one’s love. And Divine Love stands on a higher pedestal than even the Lord Himself. Absorption in Lord’s meditation with faith and devotion, with consciousness about the Lord’s virtues, power, truth and secrets, means tasting of Divine Love, or being plunged in the Divine essence.


(Excerpt taken from The Secret of PremaYoga

The Longing for God Vision, Gita Press)

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae



Shri. Velu, residing in Thiruvannamalai, had known Guruji for the past 6 months. In this short span of time, Shri. Velu’s love for his Swami was so firmly and deeply established, that his relationship and Divine experiences with Swamigal, leave a profound impact on all of us. It brings great rejoicing to all our hearts…

A few months back, when Shri. Velu had visited Swamigal, His Holiness had asked Shri. Velu to sit with Him, and chant Mahaan’s Moola Manthram. After a while when Shri. Velu had been chanting the manthram, the beads of the japa-mala in his hand started to quickly run across his fingers on their own!

It later happened in his own home too, when he was once chanting Mahaan’s manthram…

Recently, in the past month at the time when Guruji was taken ill, Shri. Velu, with his family, had once visited Swami. Guruji, during His illness, had bouts of severe coughing, and was severely short of breath, and barely able to converse. When Shri. Velu was with His Holiness, His cough completely stopped, and Guruji was able to talk to him and his family, for nearly an hour!

Guruji had told him that Velu’s presence made him feel happier and He felt His condition in a better state!

Shri.Velu was Mahaan personified, to have kept our Beloved Guruji in good cheer, during His sickness and ordeal!

Such Devotion and Such Divinity!

Shri. Velu felt the fragrance of Sambrani (Frankincense), all the while, in Guruji and Mahaan’s Presence.

In the days following Swamigal’s Samaadhi, Shri. Velu had been regularly visiting Guruji’s bereaved family, and Swami’s Samaadhi. He was blessed with Swami’s Darshan in the form of a beautiful butterfly, on several occasions.

With such verve, confidence, and sheer joy, he informed us yesterday, that whenever he closes his eyes in prayer, thinking of Guruji, he is blessed with a heart-warming Darshan of His Holiness, in the form of a butterfly, wherever he goes!

He is so inspired by Swami’s showering all His Love and Grace, that he refuses to allow any depressing thought to overcome him.

Blessed is he, who served our Swami, during His last days on earth!

His faith in Guruji shall ever remain an inspiration to all of us….

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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae



Sub-Registrar Sundaresa Chettiar had two unmarried daughters named Parvathibhai and Janakibhai. They were great devotees of Swami. The two girls sought refuge at the feet of Swami for the whole day. One day Janaki had a dream. Janaki and Parvathi were bathing in the Sivaganga; Parvathi got drowned, seeing that, Janaki cried aloud. At that moment Swami rushed and lent his hand to lift her out of the water. When they were returning home, a chameleon kept chasing Janaki. Swami again appeared on the scene and drove away the chameleon. Janakibhai divulged the above dream in the morning to all members of the household.

When later that day they called on Swami, He told Janakibhai, “Sivaganga is very deep. Should you not have cautioned Parvathibhai not to get into that place? Yama, who came to take her life, chased you in the form of chameleon.”

You need not have any fear hereafter.” Saying that He soothed them with His hands. It is clear from the above incident that Swami saves his devotees, with immeasurable Mercy.

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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Basappa’s was a poor family and no wonder that his wife lost her temper when she found that her husband was running after a madman, neglecting her and his children.

One day the Swami suddenly got up and started walking briskly. People wondered why, and some of them tried to follow Him but none could keep pace with Him. Leaving all the others behind He entered the neighbouring forest. However, Basappa ran after Him. Though the dense forest frightened him, Basappa derived courage from the Swami’s company.

At one place he found innumerable snakes of different sizes, shapes and colours. In utter fright Basappa fell at the Swami’s feet in supplication. The Swami smiled assuringly and pointed at the snakes and said, “Pick up as many as you want; you won’t get the chance again. Quick, do not fear!” Basappa picked up courage and caught one snake, and tied it up in his upper garment. As soon as they emerged from the forest the Swami told Basappa, “Go home and see.”

When Basappa went home and opened the pack he was stunned to see that there was a big lump of gold in it. This miracle had convinced Basappa’s wife of the power of Sri Swami Samarth. Thereafter she never found fault with her husband for spending all his time in the service of the Swami.

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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


When the Swami first arrived at Akkalkot, the good fortune of offering him food fell to Cholappa and, as though this was a sign of God’s grace, the Swami happened to stay at his house for a long time.

Cholappa’s faith in the Swami’s greatness had to contend with the attitude of his wife and his two sons who considered him a mere lunatic. Cholappa’s wife was, as it were, a touchstone in the hands of the Swami to test Cholappa’s faith.

One day the Swami suddenly set out walking towards a place called Hosapur. When Cholappa followed Him He turned around and said, “I am a Sannyasi. You are a householder. You should not follow us. You must stay there and attend to your worldly affairs.” Cholappa stood there silently but did not turn back. The Swami burst out in a rage and hurled foul abuse at him. At last, with tears in his eyes, Cholappa pleaded, “I would rather leave my home; I cannot leave your holy feet.” Though the Swami was inwardly pleased with his devotion, He put on a stern expression on His face and threw His wooden sandals at Cholappa and commanded him to worship them in His shrine.

Cholappa did accordingly. In the course of years many devotees from far and near were mysteriously directed to worship them in order to overcome their hardships, and then Cholappa realised that what the Swami had given him were not “mere wood”. Even today these holy sandals can be seen in the shrine at Cholappa’s Mutt.

Viewed from one angle Cholappa is more fortunate than most other devotees of the Swami. The Master stayed in his house longer than he did anywhere else. Yet, from another point of view he was the least fortunate of them. Though his regard for the Swami was high, it never ripened into rapturous devotion.

In his very presence, many devotees derived crowning spiritual experiences by the mere touch or the word of the Swami. But Cholappa was not to be one among them. Everything in creation must either wane or wax. So it started waning. Even while the Master in his house was granting darshan of various deities in Him to countless visitors. Cholappa was visiting several holy places in search of solace and light!

In course of time love of money stole into his heart. The Swami was not unaware of it! He even hinted at it one day when He said, “The very thing, which is mine, is now turning against me!”

The Godman sees God in everything and in every one. He loves all equally but the devotees reap as they sow the seed of faith. Accordingly, the devotees either come closer or go farther from the Holy One!

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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


In the forest near Mangal Veda there lived a Muslim. He lived on alms and wandered about like a mad man. But he showed the utmost respect for the Swami. Besides serving Him he used to offer ‘chilim’ or the pipe. One day, pleased with his loving service the Swami kept his boon-bestowing hand on the head of the Muslim. Immediately the Muslim attained Self-illumination (Self-realization) and was in a state of ‘Samadhi’.

Subsequently he became a famous saint whom thousands of people visited. He continued to behave like a mad man and used to throw stones at the people who tried to approach him. The stones usually missed their targets. But they hit was sure of having his wishes fulfilled.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


After a Guru has passed away, does the mantra continue to have his power?


If he is a Sathguru or SathPurusha or SiddhaPurusha, a perfect Guru, the mantra will continue to work with the same force. It also depends on whether the mantra is a conscious mantra or a dead mantra. A conscious mantra is one that the Guru has practiced for a long time and whose full power he has realized. That mantra has awakened his own inner Shakthi and unfolded it fully and made him experience the goal of the mantra. If you receive that kind of mantra from a Guru, it will awaken your Shakthi because it is a living mantra. But a mantra that one just finds in a book or hears from someone else will be a dead mantra, and it would not work.

It is also true that a real Guru never passes away; he is always alive.

Our mantra, Maha-mantra, “Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae”, is a conscious mantra. It is a living mantra.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Is mantra a Vibration?


It is energy, or Shakti (Sheathe). When we repeat a mantra for a considerable length of time, we accumulate energy (Universal energy), which in turn makes the mantra more and more powerful.

When our Guru’s mantra, “OM SATHGURU SRI SESHADRI SWAMIGAL THIRUVADIKKAE”, is transmitted to someone else, it usually creates an immediate effect on the person who receives it because of its accumulated power. When we dwell constantly on any thought, eventually our entire being will become permeated with that thought, and mantra is the most potent kind of thought.

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