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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvaddikae

Swami gave this Upadesa to Sundarammal of Vellore. Sundarammal had asked Swami what “Ajapa” meant. By way of explanation, Swamigal imparted the essence of Ajapa Gayatri Mantra.” It is one, which takes place without any effort. (“Japa”, means pronouncing the letters with an effort.)

Ajapa”, means that which occurs without any effort. This is known as Ajapa Gayatri. We breathe in, and breathe out 21600 times a day. Aham Saha soham” is a mantra that is part and parcel of breathing in and breathing out. The meaning of the Mantra is I am Him, He is me.” This mantra runs through women, men, and children alike. in the form of a breath. Ignorant of this, men get drowned in the sea of sins.

If one is focussed on Ajapa Gayatri, it is equivalent to performing a japa, 21600 times. Through this, we can discover the Paramatma enshrined in our body as the minutest manifestation of Nathaswaroopa (personification of sound).

That constitutes the knowledge of self (Atma gnana). This is referred to, in the Hamsa Upanishad. Swamigal had instructed how one should observe the Ajapa Gayathri.

1.There is a big ocean.

2. A ship is going there.

3. There are five people in the ship.

4. Another person is steering it.

5. It should be steered carefully.”

1) The first pronouncement refers to the Samsaara Sagara – the sea of birth, death.

2) The second refers to the body with five senses.

3) The third sentence refers to the five passengers Dhick, Vayu, Surya, Varuna and Aswini Deva who preside over Surothram, thwack, Satsu, Jihwa and Karnam – the five senses.

4) The fourth sentence refers to the Jiva as a boat-man.

5) The fifth sentence refers to the destruction of the senses and identification of the Self as I am Hamsa-Paramatma.”

Careful Steering,” means identification of the Self as Paramatma and existing in the stable of awareness. A drunken Boat-man (Helmsman) can topple the Boat. In the same way, a jiva confused with differentiation could topple the human (Boat) in the sea of birth and death. The concept is to be forewarned against such toppling.

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