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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


But what about the fear of going crazy or losing control of the things in the world that we try to hold on to?


You do not have to come down from your position as a professor to learn humbly at the feet of great SathGurus, nor do you have to go crazy.

Should we make meditation pills and sell them in the market? There is a certain way to learn a certain thing. Whether you are an Indian or an American or a European, you have to learn it the way it is taught. Boys from India come to America to learn engineering, and they have to learn it the way it is taught in America. They can’t dictate their own terms by saying, “We want to learn it the Indian style.”

Language, race, religion, or nationality does not limit meditation, like any other science. It is a Universal Truth; but you must learn it the way it is taught. You can meditate while you are doing your work. In India, most people who meditate do not leave their work for meditation. Meditation will never go against your daily life in the world. Some of them are professors and some are teachers; others are military officials, businessmen and judges. They are all very good in meditation, and none of them have given up their work.

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