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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


As for as my work is concerned, it is finished. I am here just for you. I do all that I can do, and you do all that you can do, to prevent it. It is a tug of war. It is a conflict between master and the disciple. Remember that it is a conflict. The disciple remains contradictory in his desire.

He wants to become enlightened as he is. He does not want to change that. This is the contradiction. You would like to go to heaven, but as you are. That is impossible.

I understand the question and desire. Yes, you would like to become enlightened very cheaply, without going through any pain, any suffering. Growth comes through suffering. It comes through great pain, it is arduous. One has to pay for it. And the payment is not in money, the payment is very deep. The payment is your innermost sacrifice.

The disciple has to disappear. You must cooperate a little. And I know that sometimes you cooperate, but your cooperation is also only cooperation in appearance. Deep down you remain resistant.

Even while you surrender, you go on watching from the corner of your eyes- how far to go? – And you go only so far, and you go with absolute control that if it is needed you can go back. Your surrender is not a journey of any return.

And unless it is a journey of no return, it is impossible for me to help you. I do not make any condition for you. The cloud is so full that it wants to rain; it does not mater whether it is a desert, or it is a wasteland, or it is a fertile soil- it does not matter.

Enlightenment is possible. If it is possible for me, it is possible for you. If it has happened to one human being, it is everybody’s potentiality.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Spiritual Masters doesn’t argue. They don’t try to convince; they demonstrate. They say; come with me, I know a window from where you Can look into the open sky. Remaining closed in this dark room, how can I convince that there is open sky- infinite?

The Spiritual Masters are very, very particular about words – if they do use them, they use them very telegraphically.

This is what the man of the world has always said to the mystic: “Don’t talk nonsense. Be practical and talk the language that we understand”. Spiritual Masters says, “This is the way to know. We can’t explain it to you. It is so mysterious that it will be almost a profanity to bring it to your level. TRUTH can’t be brought to your level; the only way possible, the only way left, is that you can be brought to the level of TRUTH.

Remember, before you reach to the Real Master, to the authentic Master, to the SathGuru, you will come across many false Masters. So don’t get hooked. A Real Master dead is more potent than an unreal master alive. If you have been following a Real Master and the Master is no more, then it is the responsibility of the Master to send you to another Real Master so that your growth can continue. No Master can help you faster. This speed mania has to be dropped. There is no need. EACH STEP HAS TO BE ENJOYED AND CELEBRATED.

If a tree has to grow a hundred feet into the sky, it has to grow a hundred feet underneath the earth. Those roots take time. You don’t see the roots; roots are not visible. When you come to a Master, the Master sees your roots. He sees how many roots you have. If you suddenly grow too fast and the roots are not ready to hold you that big, you will fall down, you will topple down. You will not be able to grow at all. And once you have fallen down it is very difficult to get rooted again.

Spiritual Masters always demonstrate; they are very practical and scientific people. Scientific truth can be learned. You can go to a school; you can learn from a teacher. Religious truth can’t be learned. It has to be created, not learned. You cannot go to a teacher. It can’t be taught, there is no way to teach it. You will have to go to a Master not to a teacher.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

When the Master says, “surrender to me”, he does not mean subservience to him. He simply means, “whatsoever you are right now is not the real you. Put aside this whole false idea of yourself. Give it to me. Give this poison to me”. By surrendering your false, you become the real. And the real can never be surrendered so the Master is not worried about the real. Only the unreal can be surrendered.

A Master will not be able to function if you are not surrendered. You will not open up. You will not allow him passage, you will protect yourself even against him, you will be defensive even against him, you will keep a distance, and you will not allow him too close an approach to you, then there is no possibility. What is surrender? Surrender is only a trust that you are going to open your heart to the Master. It is a risk, who knows what the Master will do to you? Certainly it is a risk.

Surrender is possible only if you are very strong. To surrender needs great strength, great courage, and great risk. Weak people cannot surrender. They cannot trust themselves so much and they can’t be courageous enough to open their hearts before somebody else.

Jesus says, “Unless you are like a child you will not enter into the Kingdom of God.”

The child understands in a different way. First the child has no knowledge, when you know that you don’t know, there is opening. When you know you know, you are closed.

When the question is out of knowledge it is impossible to answer it. When you already think you know, you are in conflict with anything that is going to be said to you. You have something at stake-your knowledge, your past, your belief, and your doctrine. A child has none of these hindrances.

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Masts and their minds

The goal of the Masts being God, they get His direct support even for the maintenance of their physical existence, as long as it is required for their individual advancement, and for the spiritual advancement of their surroundings. Masts, because their minds are wholly occupied with their inner experiences, are drawn to the line of least resistance in the details of their day to day life, and are only amenable to that which requires the least conscious energy. For this very reason, they get easily excited when disturbed from their fixity of purpose or fixity of habits; when the mind is absolutely void of all desires and thoughts, and becomes free from all outside influences and connections, the functions of intellect and reasoning, though apparently lost or confused, are in fact transcended, and the unlimited spiritual domain is entered, where mind works directly, without recourse to its ordinary faculties.

The Mast’s mind knows No Reasoning

Naturally, the words and actions of such transcended souls appear mostly to be void of reasoning and to be inconsistent with intelligence, the more so because their bodies are not under the control of reason, but are kept alive by the infinite.

Their bodies thus endure all kinds of circumstances with complete indifference to their environment, and are uncared for by the masts themselves. Masts are, therefore, not only indifferent to their own physical existence and to the existence of others, but they also live as if absolutely detached from the world and its activities.

It is not difficult to appreciate the inability of these lovers of God and God-merged souls to pay attention to anyone or anything to their Divine Beloved, if we compare them with ordinary men and women who, when deep in human love, forsake and forget food, sleep and many other bodily needs.

It will not, however, be equally easy to reconcile the contradiction that these pure souls are invariably found surrounded by dirt and filth, so much so that nine cases out of ten, they are dirt and filth personified.

Because of the Mast being stationed in the inner planes, which are free from the limitations and handicaps of the gross world, a Mast can be, and often is, in contact with a far greater number of souls than is possible for an ordinary man.

The mind of a Mast is a nucleus of conscious formations, with innumerable and far reaching links. A Mast can therefore be a mere effective agent for spiritual work than the most able persons of the gross world.

The mind of a Mast is also often used directly by a Perfect Master as a medium for sending his spiritual help to different parts of the world. Very often, when the Perfect Master is helping a Mast, he is also helping the world through him at that very time. When a Mast thus surrenders his mind for the work of a Perfect Master, he is, in fact, getting closer to the Master as Truth. He is being perfected for more rapidly than would have been the case if he had avoided such surrender. The Perfect Master makes them spiritually perfect in his own image.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

A Sathpurusha is essentially the Parameshwara, and is capable of anything. The devotee also possesses the state of Parameshwara. If the devotee strives sincerely in his pursuit of God, the Sathpurusha will do whatever it takes to get you there.

If you desire to have that Godhead, you have to serve the One who has already reached that state. Worship God, and God will help you. And thus you will raise yourself to a state even higher to that of Parameshwara.

Ways to endear the Guru and the Lord: A Good Life

We should always worship Him.

We should abide by Truth and Non-violence.

We should practise Charity.

We should seek the company of good men.

We should fulfill the duties imposed by our station in life.

We should carry out penances involving the three tools (mind, speech, and body).

We should not discard the practices laid down from ages past.

We should stay away from people who mean ill-will.

We should not lose faith with in our Guruji’s mantra.

We should not ridicule our Guru.

These will confer blessings in the present life and future.

Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae” is our way to God…

Mahan Shri Seshadri Swamigal advises that the prayer be done between 3 a.m to 4 a.m. every morning.

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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

There are three principal modes of comprehending the words of a Sathpurusha:

Scholarship One is to explain by various references, comments and examples; this the most common mode; for this the interpreter has to be a great scholar with wide reading, thought, research and experience, and in that too, he himself must have learnt in a traditional way; the student in this case also, has to be a person of no mean intelligence, work and capacity.

Self-realization A person, who has no such scholarship, (from the worldly point of view), but who has attained the Para-Brahma, goes on talking about whatever he experiences in that state, either in a plain or a couched manner. His simple talks always have a subtle and deep meaning even though superficially they may not strike as of much importance. To understand these talks and derive the significance of their meaning can only be beneficial; in short, every listener cannot grasp what is spoken to them. His talks are not only very simple but they are illustrated with various common examples from one’s daily life.These talks of his run in the traditional groove. This mode is indeed, superior to the first.

Guru-Sishya tradition The best way to self-illumination is the Guru-Sishya tradition. The Guru and his disciple may be far away, or, very near to each other. Even when they are together they are never seen to exchange a single word. The guru secretly acts on the mind of the disciple; the mind of the disciple gets linked up to that of his guru; and as the mind of the guru is in that state of Brahma, in due course, the mind of the disciple also passes into that state. There has been no talk, no explanation, and no external sign of any communication between them. In this the disciple spontaneously begins to understand everything by himself.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

God is invisible: it is through the form of a Sathpurusha

that He is seen in the world.”

Q) Who is a Sathpurusha?

A) The whole creation is in the state of Para-Brahma (Lord of Universe). The only point is that very few human beings (one in millions) with the help of punya arising out of sathkarmas are able to experience their Real Original State (Self-Realization). The one who has attained the state of Poorana Purusha is called Sathpurusha.

A Sathpurusha is a Perfect Spiritual Master.

He is also known by the name – Siddhapurusha, or SathGuru.

He is the Maharaja, or the Shehan Shah – the King of Kings….

He is an Avatar in Human form of Divine Incarnation of Lord of Universe or a Mahaan (The Great One) or Para-Brahma or Aadhi Moolam.

One should stick to Him.

Q) What are the hallmarks of a Sathpurusha?

A) A Sathpurusha is seen to behave as he likes. They are never attached to, or affected by, anything they do or see, since, during all those actions, they are always beyond the state of the gross body, (i.e. they are in a liberated state) Such a Sathpurusha, always in a liberated state, is called a Jivanmukta. (Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Seshadri Swamigal).

They know for a fact that the world is really non-existent. They know that it comes into existence in one’s own imagination. They can bring the world and the imagination into existence through their powers, and grace the world. They can bring about any change they like, in the world. They act, irrespective of the world.

They can experience themselves as the whole world, or, on the contrary, experience that the world does not exist. A Sathpurusha is beyond the worldly state. These are some of the signs of a Jivanmukta.

The one who always remembers within his mind the form of his SathGuru enjoys the state of liberated soul-the state of a Jivanmukta.

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