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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Sri Swami Samarth (Akkalkot Maharaj)

Reading the mind. “Now your elders…to scold you.”

There was one incident connected with the Swami’s departure from Mangal Veda in, 1850. The sun was very hot and the Swami was wandering in the outskirts of the town bare-footed. At that moment there were two farmers named Pandarinath and Eknath working in a nearby field. The Swami approached them and asked Pandarinath to give him the shoes he was putting on. Pandarinath gave them away immediately and the Swami quickly walked away with them.

When He was out of sight Eknath said to the other, “You have lent your shoes to that mad man. Now he has gone away. Your elders are sure to take you to task for that!” On hearing that Pandarinath was greatly agitated in his mind. Strangely enough the Swami came there in a moment and, giving back his shoes, said to Pamdarinath, “Now your elders do not have to scold you!” And the Swami left the place immediately. At first the farmers thought that the Swami might have overheard their conversation hiding him nearby. But after a few minutes some travelers coming from Sholapur along the road told them, incidentally, that they met the Swami just two miles outside the city of Sholapur! The Swami never returned to Mangal Vedha ever after.

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