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    Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Original term Sufi Equivalent Common term
God – Merged Majoob – Allah Majoob
God – Intoxicated Mast – Allah Mast
God – Absorbed Mashgul – Allah Salik – like pilgrim
God – Communed Ma – Allah Salik – like pilgrim
God – Mad Divana – e – Allah Divana – e Haq

A wali, for example, may be on the fifth, sixth or seventh plane and he may be God-merged, God-intoxicated. The term wali is only applicable to the God-communed in the rare instance, when he is on the fifth or sixth plane.

Now a Mast, although he is never truly God-absorbed like a salik-like pilgrim, and never truly God-merged like a majoob, may taken on certain of the characteristics of a salik-like pilgrim or a majoob.

A salik-like Mast, although his salient characteristic is God-intoxication, has the attribute of a salik, that he is conscious to a certain extent of his physical environment, and to a certain extent of the spiritual plane on which he is situated.

A majzoob like a Mast who, incidentally is, a rare type has the salient characteristic of God-intoxication, and has also the attribute of the true majoob of the seventh plane that he is to a greater or lesser extent merged in God, according to the degree of his advancement.

A true majoob, a God merged soul in the seventh plane, is, as we have already seen, a wali; and also, in the sense that he enjoys the blissful intoxication of God-united soul, he is also a mast.

These rather like the case of one who, being a master of arts is automatically also a matriculate. A majoob, however, although he is automatically both a wali and a mast, is never a salik.

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