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    Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The kinds of Love:

Like every great virtue, love, the mainspring of all life, can also be misapplied. It may lead to the heights of God-intoxication or the depths of despair. No better example can be given of the two polarities of love and their effects than that of Mary Magdalene, before and after meeting JESUS.

Between the two extremes are many kinds of love. On the one hand, love does exist in all the phases of human life; but here it is latent or is limited and poisoned by personal ambitions, racial pride, narrow loyalties and rivalries and by attachment to gender, nationality, sect, caste, or religion. On the other hand, pure and real love has also its stages, the highest being the gift of God to love HIM.

When one truly loves God, one longs for union with HIM, and this supreme longing is based on the desire of giving up one’s whole being to the beloved.

Divine Love is qualitatively different from human Love.

Human Love is for the many in the One and the Divine Love is for the One in the many. Human love leads to innumerable complications and tangles; but Divine Love leads to integration and freedom.

To those whose hearts are pure and simple, true love comes as a gift through the activating grace of a Perfect Master, and this Divine Love will perform the supreme miracle of bringing God into the hearts of men.

God listens only to the language of the heart, which constitutes Love.

We can love God by surrendering to the Perfect Master who is God’s personal Manifestation. We can also love God by loving our fellow-beings, by giving them happiness at the cost of our own happiness, by rendering them service with the sacrifice of our interests and by dedicating our lives at the altar of selfless service.

When we love God intensely through any of these channels, we finally know HIM to be our own Self.

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