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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Though both are far from perfection, and need correctives or healing, there is a vast difference in the nature of their inner mental states. Masts are God-intoxicated souls.

In feeble minded or mad people, aberrations from the average pattern of responses and actions are the results of their mental incapacity to adhere to the ordinary ways of the world. They lose their balance of mind, either due to insufficient mental development or the operation of physiological or psychic forces of disruption. They are of the ordinary kind.

In the Divine madness of Masts, the advancing urge to realize the highest brings about a complete shattering of the mental structure, and of all its normal tendencies and capacities. This condition of the mind is the gateway to the divine state.

There is no doubt that Masts (the God-intoxicated) often exhibits an incapacity to deal with the ordinary situations of life; and they are, in this respect, comparable to these who are deranged in mind. But the departure of Masts from normal behaviour and responses is not due to lack of sufficient mental development, nor is it due to any chaotic forces of disruption; it is due to suspension of interest in the ordinary pursuits of life, and to an absorption in the spiritual realities encountered on the path towards Truth-realization. The real thing is to serve these God-intoxicated souls with love and humility, and to serve to fathom the intrinsic purity of their inner lives. The approach must be from one’s own mind towards the Mast’s mind, and not from one’s outer senses towards his superficial behaviour.

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