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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


What is true initiation?


Without initiation, all actions and rituals are fruitless. Without initiation, spiritual perfection can’t be attained. The Guru transmits his own inner soul, his Shakthi, his teaching, and his message directly into the disciple. According to scriptures, this initiation merges the individual soul into Shiva and annihilates its separateness. Initiation leads to spiritual perfection. How can such an initiation be a mere formality?

A Master whose Kundalini has been completely activated through the grace of the Guru and who has the blessing of the Kundalini can fully awaken the Kundalini of his disciples. To transmit just a partial awakening is not of great importance. It is possible for one to experience partial awakening by just being in the company of disciples whose Kundalini has been activated by a Guru. One must also consider how far such an awakening will take a person. There are many in the world who are able to induce a partial awakening, but to awaken the Kundalini effectively, one must have attained complete realization, been blessed by one’s own Guru and the Supreme Power and received their command to perform Kundalini awakening. One should receive as the gift of his Guru, the blessing that empowers him to awaken the Kundalini of others. Only a Guru who has been empowered by the blessings of the Supreme power and his own Guru can awaken the Kundalini permanently.

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