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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

When a Sathpurusha bestows his Kripa on somebody, he removes his faculty of knowing – He strips him off the trinity – the knower, the knowledge and all that is to be known. If a saint tells a man, to remember and perform japa of any particular God and that person does accordingly, only sticking to it by giving up everything else in and of the world, he does not allow his mind and reasoning to thing of or probe into anything else. Then his mind becomes so engrossed in it that it is completely cut off and shut off from the world. This is exactly what is meant by, or, expected of, blind faith. Blind faith thus means shutting off the mind from everything else except the One, in which the faith is placed.

Once the mind gets well attached to any of the Mantras, by constant repetition, then in due course, it begins to remain unaffected by the affairs and relations of this world. If by chance, however, the worldly worries still persist, the karma is soon washed away by the effect of that Mantra, which, being a form of Para-Brahma, is able to wash away the perishable and false impressions of the world.

Such is the wonderful result and glory of blind faith in the Sathpurusha.

The Sathpurusha takes responsibility for the whole world, thereafter!

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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Kripa and Kripa-Patra

Everybody desires the Grace of God, the Grace of a Sathpurusha. Kripa (the Holy Grace), does bestow endless happiness on the receiver. If one is already qualified, he receives it at the first meeting. If one is not qualified, he cannot receive it, even if the Satpurusha is ready to bestow it!

A Sathpurusha, having gone beyond the state of the world, treats an eligible devotee, (whose time for attaining the Real God has arrived), in a way contrary to the state of the world. Everybody requests the Sathpurusha, or God, for his Kripa. With his Kripa a Satpurusha not only bestows worldly happiness, but also showers on one, the Infinite Bliss! But then, one has to be eligible enough to receive either.

When a devotee is eligible, he is said to be Kripa-patra.


Patra means container.

Usually, a particular container is used for a particular item. (For instance, a container used for oil is always used for oil, and not for water). If this oil container has to be used for another item, then the oil has to be removed first, the container fully cleaned and only then can it be used for another article, not otherwise. Similarly, it is obvious that the same container cannot be used for different articles. If all of them are put in the same container, none of them would be of any use; all would have been wasted.

In the same analogy, each one of us has different Patras, of different sizes, to store the Kripa, we receive. Often times, all these containers are already full. It is hence that even when a Sathpurusha gives you his Kripa, you have no empty container to store it in; that is why you do not experience the Kripa that is showered on you by Him. It means that you are not qualified enough.

Imagine, a friend of yours sends you some delicious pure fresh homemade ghee. As you receive it, you obviously would like to have it. You try to find a suitable container for it, and discover that all of your various containers are full.

In a situation where you can neither find an empty vessel, nor empty any one of the others, the only thing you could possibly do is to return it half-heartedly with a note of thanks.

Similar is the situation, when a Sathpurusha bestows his Kripa. You would naturally love to have it. But then, if you have not an empty vessel or, you could not empty one, you would not be able to keep that gift with you – you will have to return it!

Q) What are the containers you possess?

A) The mind and its reasoning are the containers!

They are filled with all sorts of things and you are not able to utilize them for holding the pure-ghee like Kripa, bestowed on you.

If one of the containers you have holds a dry substance like corn, well, you can empty it, and store that ghee in it. But if the container is soiled, and had dirty things like coal or tar in it, then it would take a long while for you to clean it sufficiently enough, to hold the pure ghee in it.

To clean a vessel containing coal or tar, it has to be treated with kerosene, burnt, scrapped, rubbed clean with sand, etc.. It’s a painstaking and laborious process to clean it. Similarly, if your mind is soiled by ill thoughts and tainted by evil or inordinate desires and lusty pleasures, you would have to labour hard for a long time to clean yourself well, to store the pristine Grace (Kripa – the ghee), of the Divinity in you. You do not become qualified enough to experience the benefits of Kripa, unless your mind is rid of all desires.

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