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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Nama Deva cried complainingly to Sri Vithala who then took pity on him and directed him to a Guru. That Guru was Visoba Khechara, himself a disciple of young Jnaneshwar.

Nama Deva left for Amvadhya and was told that Visoba was resting in the temple. Having entered the temple, he was shocked and surprised to find his future Guru lying on the floor, with his feet on the idol of Shiva.

“My Lord,” said Nama Deva, “Kindly remove your feet from the Linga.”

“That is right, my son,” said Visoba to Nama Deva, “I am an old man and haven’t got full control of my limbs and senses, so please remove my feet and place them where god is not.”

He went on trying in several directions, but wherever he turned, he found no place to rest the old man’s feet, as Lingas were everywhere.

Then the truth dawned in Nama Deva’s mind and he fell at the feet of the holy one, who blessed him and taught him how to recognize God’s presence, indeed everywhere, in all things, seen or unseen.

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