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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


As for as my work is concerned, it is finished. I am here just for you. I do all that I can do, and you do all that you can do, to prevent it. It is a tug of war. It is a conflict between master and the disciple. Remember that it is a conflict. The disciple remains contradictory in his desire.

He wants to become enlightened as he is. He does not want to change that. This is the contradiction. You would like to go to heaven, but as you are. That is impossible.

I understand the question and desire. Yes, you would like to become enlightened very cheaply, without going through any pain, any suffering. Growth comes through suffering. It comes through great pain, it is arduous. One has to pay for it. And the payment is not in money, the payment is very deep. The payment is your innermost sacrifice.

The disciple has to disappear. You must cooperate a little. And I know that sometimes you cooperate, but your cooperation is also only cooperation in appearance. Deep down you remain resistant.

Even while you surrender, you go on watching from the corner of your eyes- how far to go? – And you go only so far, and you go with absolute control that if it is needed you can go back. Your surrender is not a journey of any return.

And unless it is a journey of no return, it is impossible for me to help you. I do not make any condition for you. The cloud is so full that it wants to rain; it does not mater whether it is a desert, or it is a wasteland, or it is a fertile soil- it does not matter.

Enlightenment is possible. If it is possible for me, it is possible for you. If it has happened to one human being, it is everybody’s potentiality.

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