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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Healing the sick and such other miracles are common enough even among saints of a lesser order and the skeptic’s mind is not much touched by the replacement of medicine with faith as a means of cure. There is a realm of miracles, which defies all comprehension and needs the utmost disbelief, verging on dogma and superstition, to brush them aside heedlessly.

Hindu scriptures, and in fact all of world’s scriptures, speak of such miracles as the grace of God that He mercifully bestows on the seekers as a reward for his piety, humility and zeal to serve the suffering people materially and spiritually. Our misfortunes and sufferings often result from the accomplishment of our own desires. There is nothing so small or so apparently indifferent which God does not ordain or permit, even to the fall of a leaf.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Sometimes we work with people who are very disturbed, and their disturbance reaches a place inside us where we are ourselves disturbed in the same way. I wonder how, when working up to them, one could avoid taking in things that are not good?


Healers or Therapists sometimes do absorb the negative influences of their patients. In many cases it happens that they start out as therapists and end up as patients. A woman healer came up to me and said, “when I started, I was doing a good job, helping people well… Now however, my arms and legs have begun to ache terribly and are nearly paralyzed. What should I do?”

This is the common complaint of therapists and healers who have come to see me, and this is exactly what happens to me too, when I provide initiation or blessings. It pains me quite a bit, but afterwards I sit quietly in meditation, and through the force of the Divine energy (Universal energy) that is released in high meditation (the Kundalini Shakti-Sahasrara-Meditation), my Guru burns up all those negative energies. This is how I stay fresh.

Therapists and healers should also find a way to burn up the impurities they absorb from their patients. It is not enough to become drunk on your temporary success as a healer. You must think about the future and what may happen to you as a result of your healing work. It is essential for a therapist to be in touch with his inner energy (inner Guru – creator) and to keep himself strong.

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