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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae




I wish to share my recent experience of Guruji’s reassuring Grace…

Glory be to my Beloved Guru, my Lord – Blithe Spirit,

O tender-hearted one!

Who continues to shower His Grace upon His Bhaktha,

like the beautiful sunshine,

filling his heart with beauty and colour,

everlasting joy and hope….

Glory be to my Lord whose breath upon me

gives me reason to live…!

4th. August, 2010, Bangalore.

It was two days after the earth-shattering feeling of having lost our Dear Swamigal. We were back in Bangalore, and I had been with Harsha to school, to drop him. He refused to go in, still clinging to me, crying. Suddenly Harsha’s teacher distracted him with a tiny yellow butterfly that came flitting by his side. Before I knew it, Harsha had already caught the butterfly. Feeling bad for the poor creature, I feared it would get crushed between his fingers. When he freed the butterfly, I was amazed to see that it few away unscathed! For such a tender creature to flit away unhurt, after such a firm grip was amazing…Soon Harsha finished his school, and the day passed, uneventful.

5th. August, 2010, Bangalore.

The next day, again, I was waiting for Harsha’s return, at his school. As soon as Harsha returned, we made our way to the car, and just as we were to get in, a small yellow butterfly came flitting by and perched on my dress, for about nearly 30 seconds. When I noticed it, it seemed to be the same yellow butterfly I had seen the previous day! (or rather another one of the same kind!)

I wanted to show it to Harsha, but as soon as we got in, it again flew away. A little disappointed, but wonder-struck at how the same butterfly could approach us again, left me pondering….We were still on our way home, and it might have been less than 10 minutes, when our driver announced that there was a butterfly inside the car. Much to my amazement, it was the same butterfly again! Fearing it might be blown away by the wind, we rolled up our windows, and were gladly watching it. It was perched still, on the glass of our front window.

When we almost got home, I opened the windows to let it free. Suddenly, I saw that the butterfly came hovering around me, and over to Harsha’s face, hands, and it nearly touched his eyes! Harsha was laughing enraptured! He did not make any attempts to catch it. It still hovered around, and after a few moments, flew out!

I was thrilled beyond words to think about this incident, even at this moment!

I heard from kith and kin, how a beautiful butterfly made its Presence felt, by all Bhakthas and Sishyas of Guruji, not only during the sacred ceremony of the interment of His mortal frame, but also the following day, when a few other Bhakthas visited His Holy Samadhi to pay their last respects to Him.

It was a striking parallel – definitely not a matter to be taken lightly! Why, of all the days had a butterfly to repeatedly visit us, and stay with us for quite a while, especially inside a car! It had never happened before! The way it hovered around us, left us in no doubt, that it was our most Beloved Guruji, Swamiji, who had come to shower His Divine Love, Grace & Blessings and to reassure us of His Omnipotent Omnipresence!!

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae



Namskarams to All Sesha Bhakthas,

The day before yesterday, when I was in office I got a call from my husband, Jambu, that Vedika was not not well and her teacher had called. I was speaking to him standing outside my office room where there is a Photochromic Glass, wherein you can see outside but people outside cannot see you. While speaking to him I saw a YELLOW BUTTERFLY outside the glass – as I spoke I saw it. It did not move from where it was, and I tapped it from inside but it did not move. It felt as if it directly saw me! The same incident repeated yesterday when I spoke to mother in the afternoon!

It indeed is true that our Guru is constantly in touch with us in some or the other way. Guiding us, taking care of us.



6th. August, 2010

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