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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


It is useful to visualize the Kundalini ascending, as is recommended by some tantric techniques?


The Kundalini rises of its own accord, so what is the need for visualizing it? Kundalini is not imaginary. It is a real manifestation. It transcends imagination. Inner experiences, inner Kriyas, and inner yoga actually manifest as direct experience. There is no need to imagine anything.

The Guru Gita says that in the Sahasrara, the thousand-petalled Spiritual centre in the Cerebrum, there is a triangle, and in the middle of that triangle lives GURU – the inner Guru.

That Guru is supremely effulgent. The brilliance of His light equals a thousand suns. The only difference is that the light of the outer Sun is heating, whereas the light of the inner Guru is cooling.

The inner Guru reveals himself to everyone who meditates and gets into higher states of meditation. That Guru exists in the midst of the Divine Light, in the form of a Blue Dot called the Blue Pearl, which vibrates there all the time.

When you receive the message of truth from the Guru within, you become aware that the outer Guru you have been worshipping is no different from the inner Guru.

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Who is a Guru?

Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Suppose you are proceeding along a straight road beside a river. Suddenly you find yourself in front of a steep cliff. There is no exit. The way is blocked right and left. The only way out is to climb up the cliff is so steep that you are unable to do so. You try and try but each time you fall back. Then, as a helpless child would cry out for his mother, – you cry out loud, and shout for help! That is Bhakthi, – the way of devotion, calling to the Lord who is capable of everything. Now, while you are crying out for help you become suddenly aware that something brushed past you. You look up. It is a rope that has been let down to you from the top of the cliff. Someone is up there; someone has already arrived. He is holding an end of the rope. He shouts down to you, “catch hold of it and hold tight.” – HE IS THE GURU.”


Shiva declares: “There is none higher than the Guru, none is better than the Guru!”


To a man with merit, the Guru appears as Shiva Himself! To the sinner, He appears to be merely a man,” says the Guru Gita. One can’t enjoy the grace of the Guru fully if one considers him only as a man!”

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