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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

There are many saints, who leaving their houses, stay in forest, caves or hermitage and in solitude, in order to get liberation or salvation for themselves. They do not care for other people and are always self-absorbed.

SathPurushas (the Incarnations of God), are not of such a type. Rare are the sadhus and saints, who, after attaining God-vision, strive for the welfare of the people. SathPurushas mentioned in “Some Sathpurushas”, are the best examples.

“Blessed is the country, blessed is the family and blessed are the chaste parents, where these Extraordinary, Transcendent, precious and pure jewels were born.”

“Better than reading is hearing, and better than hearing is seeing. One understands the scriptures better by hearing them from the lips of the Guru. Then one does not have to think about their non-essential part.”

When Grace comes, the stream of remembrance flows into the mind continuously, and everything necessary is done to maintain the remembrance. The remembrance must be unbroken like a “thaila dhara”, which means the flow of oil. When oil is poured from one vessel to another, you see it flows unbroken. The moment there is a break in the remembrance of God, at once the ego-sense takes possession of us and darkness sets in.

Some people open the windows of their heart to receive Grace while some others keep them closed and they do not get it. But even to keep the windows of the heart open requires some inner aspiration and longing, and that longing can come to us only through the Grace of God. This is true because we see that all do not want to keep the windows open. We keep them shut. The result is we do not enjoy the benefit of Grace.

Therefore, it is not that Grace is not on us, but we are not prepared to receive it.

The ways of Grace are indeed mysterious!!

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Hazrat Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur

A person by name, Hanumantha Rao came to Baba Tajuddin and devoted himself totally to the worship of the saint. He learnt that several Harijans were being benefited by rendering service to the Baba. He was an employee in the secretariat. So he hoped that if he too became a Muslim, Baba Tajuddin would grace him. No sooner these thoughts arose in his mind than the Baba turned to him and asked him to get some book. Hanumantha Rao had a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita with him, which he gave to the Baba.

The saint glanced through it, turning it from side to side and said:

What, we are in this!”

Hanumantha Rao understood what the saint implied and was thrilled.

The implication is that the spiritual truth of devotion to God leading to perfection which Baba symbolized is there in the Bhagavad-Gita also, a Hindu scripture. Baba made no distinction between religions. He even indicated that the followers of all religions should adhere to their own traditions and that there was no need for any one to become a Muslim for salvation or to earn His (Baba’s) grace.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Is it possible for a person, even without faith, to awaken his own Kundalini through practice of Kundalini Yoga?


The Kundalini may awaken, but what will the person do if he is without faith? If he is without understanding, he won’t progress. He will stop half way. However, if the Guru’s Grace awakens the Kundalini, the grace itself will lead the Kundalini on the proper path; faith will come automatically, in due course.


Are there any dangerous in awakening the Kundalini?


Some people attempt to awakening the Kundalini forcibly through self- effort or by means of Hatha Yoga. In such cases anything can happen; one can even become mad. But when the Kundalini is awakened by the grace of the Guru, it rises spontaneously and transforms the human body, making it divine. Ultimately, it completes its journey and merges into God.


Can Kundalini be awakened accidentally?


Yes, but only if an ‘accident’ takes place between a Guru and a disciple. When a disciple who is full of devotion meets a Guru who is saturated with Shakthi (Sheathe), the Kundalini is awakened immediately.

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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Kripa and Kripa-Patra

Everybody desires the Grace of God, the Grace of a Sathpurusha. Kripa (the Holy Grace), does bestow endless happiness on the receiver. If one is already qualified, he receives it at the first meeting. If one is not qualified, he cannot receive it, even if the Satpurusha is ready to bestow it!

A Sathpurusha, having gone beyond the state of the world, treats an eligible devotee, (whose time for attaining the Real God has arrived), in a way contrary to the state of the world. Everybody requests the Sathpurusha, or God, for his Kripa. With his Kripa a Satpurusha not only bestows worldly happiness, but also showers on one, the Infinite Bliss! But then, one has to be eligible enough to receive either.

When a devotee is eligible, he is said to be Kripa-patra.


Patra means container.

Usually, a particular container is used for a particular item. (For instance, a container used for oil is always used for oil, and not for water). If this oil container has to be used for another item, then the oil has to be removed first, the container fully cleaned and only then can it be used for another article, not otherwise. Similarly, it is obvious that the same container cannot be used for different articles. If all of them are put in the same container, none of them would be of any use; all would have been wasted.

In the same analogy, each one of us has different Patras, of different sizes, to store the Kripa, we receive. Often times, all these containers are already full. It is hence that even when a Sathpurusha gives you his Kripa, you have no empty container to store it in; that is why you do not experience the Kripa that is showered on you by Him. It means that you are not qualified enough.

Imagine, a friend of yours sends you some delicious pure fresh homemade ghee. As you receive it, you obviously would like to have it. You try to find a suitable container for it, and discover that all of your various containers are full.

In a situation where you can neither find an empty vessel, nor empty any one of the others, the only thing you could possibly do is to return it half-heartedly with a note of thanks.

Similar is the situation, when a Sathpurusha bestows his Kripa. You would naturally love to have it. But then, if you have not an empty vessel or, you could not empty one, you would not be able to keep that gift with you – you will have to return it!

Q) What are the containers you possess?

A) The mind and its reasoning are the containers!

They are filled with all sorts of things and you are not able to utilize them for holding the pure-ghee like Kripa, bestowed on you.

If one of the containers you have holds a dry substance like corn, well, you can empty it, and store that ghee in it. But if the container is soiled, and had dirty things like coal or tar in it, then it would take a long while for you to clean it sufficiently enough, to hold the pure ghee in it.

To clean a vessel containing coal or tar, it has to be treated with kerosene, burnt, scrapped, rubbed clean with sand, etc.. It’s a painstaking and laborious process to clean it. Similarly, if your mind is soiled by ill thoughts and tainted by evil or inordinate desires and lusty pleasures, you would have to labour hard for a long time to clean yourself well, to store the pristine Grace (Kripa – the ghee), of the Divinity in you. You do not become qualified enough to experience the benefits of Kripa, unless your mind is rid of all desires.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

To comprehend God and His supernatural power, miraculous, limitless and boundless, one has to merge into Him. No human can feel this, without seeking the Divinity!

When the Sathpurusha (SathGuru or Siddhapurusha) feels like bestowing his grace he does it secretly; he has some deep thoughts to convey; when he speaks of them, they are generally not understood by anybody else. His words are of great significance. They are voiced from the mouth of the Para-Brahma.

Sometimes the Sathpurusha is seen ordering somebody about, in an irrelevant manner, or give one, a blade of grass, or a lump of earth, or flowers, or money. Sometimes he may abuse one or beat them. Sometimes he is seen receiving some things from others. He is always seen doing certain actions openly, certain others, secretly.

When one witnesses these actions, one should never try to find out the meaning or the motive of those actions. His words and actions should always be remembered and stored deep in one’s heart. The more secretly they are stored, the earlier they are able to bear fruit.

The Sathpurusha always removes the punya (good karma), that is likely to give sinful pleasures, or likely to add on to your sins and in return they give the punya that leads to real happiness. As a result of punya they take, they seem to live in the world in a princely style. But never ever, can those pleasures affect them. It is in their destiny to live like a prince.

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