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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

People want a Sathpurusha who will behave like their servant and give them whatever they desire at once. A Sathpurusha, i.e. the man in the state of Sath, is an infinite storehouse of the unending Infinite Bliss that is the Siddhanta.

It is the incarnation that descended from Para Brahma (the Lord of the Universe or the creator in the form of Sathpurushas mentioned here, their original state), at whose hands many a miracle has happened.

With His Kripa, a Sathpurusha not only gives world happiness, but also gives them the Infinite Bliss. But then to receive either of them or both of them, one has to be properly qualified. Para Brahma (Lord of universe) is ever lasting, complete, without beginning or end. It is one, indivisible being.

    – Sutra 1. The Holy Science,
    by Sri Swami Yukteswar Giri Maharaj

    (In Tamil Saint Manickavasagar says,”Adhiyum Anthamum illatha Arunachala Easane” i.e. Lord Arunachala of Thiruvannamalai)

The Eternal Father, God, is the only Real Substance, Sath, and is all in all in the universe and therefore not comprehensive by man of this material world, unless he becomes divine by lifting his Self above this creation of Darkness or Maya.

    See Hebrews (Bible) 11.1 and John (Bible) 8:28:

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Then Jesus said unto them, when ye have lifted up the son of man, then shall ye know that I am He.”

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Sri Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon1

(Maharaj Manifested-23.02.1818.MahaSamadhi-08.09.1910.)

“One should adhere to what he speaks or vow, to get the blessings of God.” “One should not violate the vows to God and saints.”

Every day people used to come to Shegaon to get their desires fulfilled. Among them were two men from Balapur, who, on their way, vowed to offer ‘ganja’, to Swamiji, if their wishes were fulfilled. They believed that Sri Maharaj liked Ganja more than sweets. The next time they came to Shegaon, they had forgotten to bring ganja. They felt embarassed, and vowed to bring twice the quantity the next time. Again they forgot to bring it. Seeing them Sri Maharaj said to Bhaskar, “Look at the way people behave. They vow to do something and forget it. They are brahmanas by caste and do not know that Brahmanas should practise as they preach. That is why this caste has lost its superiority. When they vow something and forget, how can they expect to get their desires fulfilled? Bhaskara, one should adhere to what he speaks or vow, to get the blessings of God.”

These words hurt them very much and they looked at each other in surprise to see that Maharaj knew everything that was in their mind. When they saw that Sri Maharaj knew everything about their vow and subsequent failing to fulfill it, they got up to go to Market and bring the ganja immediately. There upon Sri Maharaj said, “why are you now crying over the spilt milk? I have no craze for Ganja; so don’t go to the market now. Only remember that one should keep up his vows and promises to deserve the God’s blessings, as liars don’t get them. Now you go, and bring Ganja only on fulfillment of your desire. It will be fulfilled next week. But remember to come here five times for the Darshan of Sri Shiva, by whose blessings Kubera became rich. Go, prostrate before Him and do not to forget to bring ganja next time.

1(Sri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon, Buldana District, Maharashtra.

Shegaon is a ‘B’ grade Railway Station on Nagpur – Mumbai railway line. Except Geetanjali Express every express train stops there. As one exits from the railway station the Sansthan’s bus service is kept available to him. The Maharaj’s Samadhi Mandir is approachable within a ten minute walk from the station.)

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Hazrat Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur* 1(1861-1925AD.)

“You buffalo, do you play tricks with me? Run away.” ” I will kill you if you don’t obey.”

Many were the people who flocked to Tajudddin Baba to cure them of deformities of body. A wealthy Marwari Seth came from Delhi to Sakardara. His legs were mere useless appendages and he had to crawl his way to Baba whom he found in a restless mood: At the approach of the Seth, he sprang to his feet in a rage and kicked him saying: “You buffalo, do you play tricks with me? Run away.” The Marwari was so frightened at this unwelcome gesture. But Baba Tajuddin did not calm down. He shouted: “Don’t you hear? I’ll kill you if you don’t obey. I say run or I will beat you.” The Seth immediately ran from the place to the wonder of the people who saw this amazing feat of the saint!

So many people need helping in this world. And God or Guru does help them, through those who are willing instruments (Medium) of His Love.

Nobody in the world is able to understand a Sathpurusha’s actions.

1* Nagpur is well connected by road, railways and air.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

  • In order to realize God a devotee should relate to God in a certain way – one should regard Him as either a friend, a parent, husband or a child.
  • You find no difficulty in driving a nail into a mud wall. But its points break if you try to drive it against a stone wall and still it will not pierce it. There are people whose spiritual consciousness is not at all awakened even though they hear about God a thousand times. They are like a crocodile, on whose hide you cannot make any impression with a sword.
  • What good is there in reading a whole lot of scriptures? What good is there in the study of philosophy? What is the use of talking big?
  • In order to learn archery one should first aim at a banana tree, then at a reed, then at a wick, and last at a flying bird.
  • At the beginning one should concentrate on God with form.
  • The harmful effect of the study of the scriptures is that it encourages reasoning and arguing. If you repeat the Gita ten times it is reversed into ‘tagi’, which indicates renunciation.
  • The way to realize God is through discrimination, renunciation, and yearning for Him.
  • What kind of yearning? One should yearn for God as the cow, with yearning heart, runs after its calf. One can attain spiritual consciousness through both affirmation and negation. There is the positive path of love and devotion, and there is the negative path of knowledge and discrimination.

    When you preach the path of knowledge (addressing a pundit), it creates a very difficult situation: the guru and the disciple do not see each other!

  • Sukadeva went to Janaka for instruction about the knowledge of Brahman (Para-Brahma – the Lord of Universe). Janaka said to him: “You must pay me the Guru’s fee in advance. When you attain the knowledge of Brahman you won’t pay me the fee, because the knower of Brahman sees no difference between the Guru and the disciple.”
  • Both negation and affirmation are ways to realize one and the same goal. Infinite are the opinions and infinite are the ways. But you must remember one thing:
      • The injunction is that the path of devotion described by Narada is best suited to the Kaliyuga. According to this path, first comes bhakthi: then bhava, when bhakthi is mature. Higher than bhava, are mahabhava and prema.

      • He who has achieved these has realized the goal that is to say, have attained God.
  • While preaching (addressing the pundit), eliminate the ‘head and tail’, that is to say, emphasize only the essentials.
  • Immerse yourself for evermore, O mind, In Him who is pure knowledge and Pure Bliss.”
  • Live in the world like an ant. The world contains a mixture of truth and untruth, sugar and sand. Be an ant and take the sugar. Live in the world like a mudfish. The fish lives in the mud, but its skin is always bright and shiny.
  • The world is indeed a mixture of truth and make-believe. Discard the make-believe and take the truth.
  • Dedicate every action to the Lord and there will be no place for ego. That is the quickest way for the ego to subside.
  • Energy arises from surrender to God. God is positive. Man is negative. If contact is made, the divine current flows from positive to negative (the Indian tradition of touching a divine person).



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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

In order to realize God a devotee should relate to God in a certain way – one should regard Him as either a friend, a parent, husband or a child.

I am Brahmamayi’s handmaid….”

  1. Some souls realize God without practicing any spiritual discipline. They are called Nitya-siddha; eternally perfect.
  2. Those who have realized God through austerity, japa, and the like, are called Sadhana-siddha; perfect through spiritual discipline.
  3. Again, there are that called Kripa-siddha, perfect through divine grace. These last may be compared to a room kept dark a thousand years that becomes light the moment a lamp is brought in.
  4. There is also a class of devotees, Hathat-siddha, that is to say, those who have suddenly attained God-vision. Their case is like that of a poor boy who has suddenly found favour with a rich man. The rich man marries his daughter to the boy and along with her gives him land, house, carriage, servants, and so forth.
  5. There is still another class of devotees, the Swapna-siddha, who have had the vision of God in a dream.

** The Nitya-siddha is in a class of devotees apart. He is like the arani wood (a piece of wood for kindling the sacred fire). A slight friction produces fire. The Nitya-siddha realizes God by practicing little spiritual discipline and sometimes without practicing any at all. But he does practice spiritual discipline after realizing God. He is like the gourd or pumpkin vine – first fruit, then flower.

– Prahaladha is an instance of Nitya-siddha.

** There are devotees who are beyond the three gunas. They are eternally devoted to God, like Narada. These devotees behold Krishna as Chinmaya, all spirit, and His abode as Chinmaya, His devotee as Chinmaya.

To them God is eternal, His abode is eternal, His devotee is eternal.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

What business you are doing?”

The query was addressed to Sastrigal five times and a reply was expected. Swami did not at all like Sastrigal spending all his time in worldly pursuits and wasting his time instead of seeking to attain spiritual liberation (Moksha).

Do you take castor oil? Shall I rid you of your entire ailment?”

Half an hour after asking the above question, Swami said, “It is dirt (malam). Para-Brahma (Creator of the universe) is nirmalam (without any dirt, i.e. Pure). Swami conveyed that instead of wasting one’s pursuits on dirt-laden unspiritual matters, it would be better to get rid of all desires and pursue the Eternal Entity (Para Brahma).

If you find who is Iswara, the body is got rid of.”

Detachment from the body, and other desires, conquers death. Self-realization is the only means to develop such a detachment.

Ullankya sinthau salilam saleelam”

Hanuman had the blessings of Lord Rama, that enabled him to cross the seas. In a similar manner, one should use the Master’s (Avathar or SathGuru) blessings to cross the ocean of sins.

How is the Ramayana to be read?”

Swami’s concept was that a mere reading of the Ramayana, without conducting oneself like Lord Rama, will not suffice.

This is Siva Lingam . It is enough to worship this. One can become spiritually enlightened and attain liberation.”

Sastrigal had told Swami that he had devotion for Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Goddess Gowri and several other deities. Nevertheless, he was grieved that he had not developed any real lasting devotion to any particular deity and he requested Swami’s blessings and advice on this. Swami, by way of response referred to HIMSELF as the Shiva Lingam, By this, He meant that A Prayer to the Guru is a prayer to the Lord!

Guru Himself is Shiva, and Shiva is the Guru!

Differences based on caste, enjoyment of women, should be got rid of to attain Samadhi.”

This was oft mentioned by Swami.

Is Brahma greater or, Vasishta?”

Sastrigal who was questioned thus, replied that since Brahma was Vasishta’s father, Brahma was greater. Swami was not convinced.

Swami said, that “ Vasishta was the greater of the two! Since, when Brahma revealed Vishwamitra that he had become Brahmarishi, Vishwamitra rejected Brahma’s acknowledgement, and expected to hear it from Vasishta’s own words! Hence, the Guru is more vital than the deity.” From this, it is evident that (like Vishwamitra), one should have devotion towards the Guru.

This is Moksha, this is moksha, See!

These words were uttered by Swami when HE was in Subbulakshmi’s house. Swami picked up a big mirror from the house and handing it over to Sastrigal, put his hand around Sastrigal’s neck, embraced him. Pointing to the image in the mirror He said, This is Moksham.”

The significance of the above is as follows: “If the mirror is removed, the shadow is eliminated leaving the image. In the same manner, the Jeevan disappears and only the image of the Para-Brahman remains.”

You can go in Royal Style by repeating Rama, Rama.”

Sastrigal was ordered by Swami to sleep in the Kambathu Ilayanar (Lord Muruga) shrine, of Sri Arunachaleshwara Temple, for seven days.

Swami appeared in his dream on the third night. Sastrigal saw a flourishing banana plantation. While he was sitting there, Swami got a big cluster of about 200 bananas and said, “These should ripen.” This was repeated twice, after which Swami disappeared. When describing the style in which one could leave, Swami speedily threw up his hands. He then noticed a few bananas which were red and on the point of getting ripe and the rest were totally unripe.

Swami conveyed to Sastrigal the unripe state of his spiritual pursuit and advised him to do Rama Nama Japa to attain liberation.

You should forget the body that way”

The above upadesam is the outcome of Sastrigal’s dream on the sixth night. The dream was as follows:

Sastrigal was doing Rama Nama Japa sitting under a tree.

Swami came from behind him brandishing a knife with which to cut him. Sastrigal without getting up was trying by his hands to ward off the above struggle; Swami threw away the knife and laughing boisterously said:

What kind of meditation are you doing ?” You should not have any awareness of the body. This is absolutely useless. You should totally remove the awareness of the body.”

In the morning Sastrigal tearfully bowed to the Swami. Swami said, Have no worries. God will take care of all that.”

This incident illustrates the need to meditate with all body senses eliminated even under threats to one’s life.

Parithraanaya Sadhunam Vinaayaacha Dhush-Krithaam

Dharma Samsthaapanaarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge.”

Swami referred to HIS incarnation to remove evil and establish righteousness, and that he would perform the task of wiping out ignorance and instilling spiritual enlightenment in those who sought refuge in HIM.

Don’t you know the route?” Kamakshi, Meenakshi, Vishalakshi all three are one and the same. They will confer liberation on those who contemplate them.”

Do you not know the path to attain liberation? The route consisting of yagas, yoga, etc; is very strenuous. The path of Bhakthi (Divine Love, for a deity) is the best. And in that path of love, worship of Devi is the most effective.

The mother’s concern for a child is much more than that of the father. Hence Devi who is the mother of the entire world has manifested Herself as Vishalakshi in Kasi, Kamakshi in Kanchipuram and Meenakshi in Madurai.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae



What is the difference between prayer and meditation?



Meditation is the very last stage of prayer. Where prayer ends, meditation begins. When your mind becomes fixed in the art of praying to God, when your mind becomes totally still, that is the state of meditation. Meditation is an essential part of every religious tradition.

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