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    Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

  1. God – Merged

    A God-merged soul is a Majzoob of the seventh plane, in the state of the final fana. He is one who is drowned in God. His limited ‘I’ is utterly annihilated, and he exists only in Infinite Bliss, Infinite Power, and Infinite Knowledge. He is not conscious of the finite Universe, of his physical body, or of the lower six planes; he is simply conscious of himself as God.

  2. God – Intoxicated

    A Mast, who is God-intoxicated by Divine Love, experiences just that same sensation that a drunkard enjoys, and cares for no one and nothing, in proportion to the extent of his intoxication; the difference is that his intoxication is continual, that it may increase but may never decrease, and it has no physical or mental reaction. It is a state of permanent and unalloyed intoxication.

  3. God – Absorbed

    The characteristic of a God-absorbed man is that, whether asleep or awake, and irrespective of his outer behaviour, he is continually, and without effort, absorbed in thinking about God. The mind of God-absorbed man functions in the same way as that of a normal man, and though he is spiritually advanced, he is not necessarily aware of it himself, except in rare flashes. The majority of God-absorbed men are on the first three planes, and a few are on the fifth plane; they jump over the fourth plane.

    When a God-absorbed man reaches the fifth plane he then becomes a Mast (i.e. God-intoxicated), and the remainder of his spiritual progress is completed as a Mast.

  4. God – Communed

    The aspirant does so only by his conscious effort. His concentration on God is neither an unconscious nor a perpetual state, but is dependent on effort of the will, which subjects his communication with God to frequent fluctuations, and tends to make his progress on the path less direct than that of a God-absorbed man.

    The God-absorbed man flies fast and straight like a swan, but the God-communed flits here and there like a sparrow, and is constantly diverted by irrelevant attractions. This communion process is especially applicable to raja yogis, and dyan yogis. The God-communed man, if he stays on that path, never advances beyond the sixth plane.

  5. God – Mad

    In the eyes of the average man there may appear to be little difference between an ordinary lunatic and a God-mad man; but from the spiritual aspect there is a wide gulf between them. The mind of an ordinary mad man has failed to adopt itself to the problems of the material world, and has fled permanently into the realm of make-believe to escape an intolerable material situation. But a God-mad man, although he has lost the balance of mind, and the insight into his abnormal state, has not come to this condition by failing to solve his worldly troubles, but has lost his sanity through continually thinking about God. Although he is mad, he is impelled by high desires, and in spite of earning no tangible profit from the majority of his delusions, he nevertheless enjoys his state of God-madness.

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Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Though both are far from perfection, and need correctives or healing, there is a vast difference in the nature of their inner mental states. Masts are God-intoxicated souls.

In feeble minded or mad people, aberrations from the average pattern of responses and actions are the results of their mental incapacity to adhere to the ordinary ways of the world. They lose their balance of mind, either due to insufficient mental development or the operation of physiological or psychic forces of disruption. They are of the ordinary kind.

In the Divine madness of Masts, the advancing urge to realize the highest brings about a complete shattering of the mental structure, and of all its normal tendencies and capacities. This condition of the mind is the gateway to the divine state.

There is no doubt that Masts (the God-intoxicated) often exhibits an incapacity to deal with the ordinary situations of life; and they are, in this respect, comparable to these who are deranged in mind. But the departure of Masts from normal behaviour and responses is not due to lack of sufficient mental development, nor is it due to any chaotic forces of disruption; it is due to suspension of interest in the ordinary pursuits of life, and to an absorption in the spiritual realities encountered on the path towards Truth-realization. The real thing is to serve these God-intoxicated souls with love and humility, and to serve to fathom the intrinsic purity of their inner lives. The approach must be from one’s own mind towards the Mast’s mind, and not from one’s outer senses towards his superficial behaviour.

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Who is a Mast?

Om Sathguru Shri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

A Mast is a God-intoxicated soul. Such a person is often, in his own individual way, in earnest search of God, or Truth, as the unfailing inward directive power. He is sincerely and wholeheartedly devoted to the Truth as it comes to him; he is divinely mad in search of eternal values. He has decided to take stakes in his desire to realize God. Such a person is not mad in the ordinary sense; he is desperately in love with God, and is known as a MAST.

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