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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

When God comes taking a human form, it is very difficult to see Him as the Lord! One sees that body, then one’s own body, and one cannot but relate the two and put that body at the same level as oneself.

But if the Lord came in all His majesty, people would be afraid and would not have any opportunity to know and love the Lord. For example, people worship an image of a snake in a temple, hoping that the worship will bring a child.

But if the snake becomes alive and wriggled across the floor towards them, they would take to their heels. People could not stand the Lord in Super-human form. It is only when the Lord comes in human body that people are able to approach Him and learn to love Him and know Him even a little bit. But one should not make the mistake of thinking that is all there is to the Lord.

For instance, the airplane flying high in the sky descends to the airport. But one should not make the mistake of thinking that the plane is a ground machine because they see it on the ground. Once it has taken on its load of passengers, it again zooms up high into the sky. In a similar fashion, although the Lord has made a landing here on earth so to speak, He is not limited by His human form.

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