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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


In 1884, Tajuddin’s Regiment reached Saugor. One day in Saugor, Tajuddin was lured by a melodious voice, which led him to a lonely wasteland nearby where a famous ‘Chishti’ saint Hazrat Dawood Shah lived. He used to spend much of his time in meditation in the company of the saint every day after his Army duties. When his grandmother learnt at Kamptee that he was not staying in his tent at night, she rushed to Saugor suspecting that Tajuddin had fallen into some evil company.

She stealthily followed him at night but found that he was meditating with a Muslim saint. Next morning, when Tajuddin returned home, she served him with breakfast. But Tajuddin said he would eat his own laddu and peda and started chewing up the two stones he had in his hand. She was surprised at this phenomenon and realised that Tajuddin’s devotional life had given him some divine powers, and that her suspicions about his character were wrong. Even after Hazrat Dawood Chishti’s death, Tajuddin continued his meditations and mujahedas (spiritual practices) often near the deceased’s tomb.

No master is comparable to any other master. Each master is so unique that he is incomparable. If you look into them with no comparison in your mind you find the same reality-hence darshan. They are one in their innermost core. Each master is unique, and yet represents the universal.

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