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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


“There! Vittobha goes in Royal Style!”

Sookshma Drishti is the ability to perceive subtle objects. The atom is a minute thing. Even more minute is the Jeevaswarupa (Soul). The soul is very minute and there is nothing more minute than it. While the soul is not perceptible for a person with ordinary senses, it becomes manifest to a Brahmajnani. Great sages like Vasisht also possessed this power. The following is an example of Swami’s perceptive power that was innate to Him.

One day Swami was running in the streets of Thiruvannamalai pointing to the sky saying, “There! Vittobha goes in Royal Style! Ah! Ah!” (Sri Vittobha Swami- Maha Samadhi-Polur-34 kms from Thiruvannamalai)

On the day when Swami made the above observation, Sri Vittobha had attained Maha Samadhi. Swami made those remarks at 6 a.m. And at 11 a.m. a telegram was received in Thiruvannamalai that was an intimation of the news. Mahaan had perceived this by virtue of His Sookshma Drishti.

(Sri Vittobha Swami was a jeevan Mukta.)

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