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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Basappa’s was a poor family and no wonder that his wife lost her temper when she found that her husband was running after a madman, neglecting her and his children.

One day the Swami suddenly got up and started walking briskly. People wondered why, and some of them tried to follow Him but none could keep pace with Him. Leaving all the others behind He entered the neighbouring forest. However, Basappa ran after Him. Though the dense forest frightened him, Basappa derived courage from the Swami’s company.

At one place he found innumerable snakes of different sizes, shapes and colours. In utter fright Basappa fell at the Swami’s feet in supplication. The Swami smiled assuringly and pointed at the snakes and said, “Pick up as many as you want; you won’t get the chance again. Quick, do not fear!” Basappa picked up courage and caught one snake, and tied it up in his upper garment. As soon as they emerged from the forest the Swami told Basappa, “Go home and see.”

When Basappa went home and opened the pack he was stunned to see that there was a big lump of gold in it. This miracle had convinced Basappa’s wife of the power of Sri Swami Samarth. Thereafter she never found fault with her husband for spending all his time in the service of the Swami.

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