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Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


When the Spiritual Master (Sathguru) climbs down, he does not lose anything because he knows that at the next moment he will be able to climb up again. Suppose a child at the foot of the tree says: “Please give me a fruit; please give me a most delicious mango.” Immediately the Master will bring one down and then he will climb up again. And if nobody else asks for a mango, he will sit on the branch and wait. Here on earth, if one human being has something to offer and the other person does not take it, then the first person gets furious. He says “You fool! It is for your own good that I am giving it.” He will scold the other person and be very displeased if his offering is not accepted. In the case of a spiritual Master,….

(Spiritual Masters are those rare beings who have realised there oneness with the Supreme, – the highest transcendental Consciousness. Spiritual Masters have not only realised their true self but also work selflessly to inspire humanity to seek the divinity within themselves.

A real spiritual Master is able to expedite the progress of his/her disciples through their close connection to God and the grace of God.

Spiritual Masters have taught the timeless spiritual truths in a variety of ways, Their teachings reflecting the environment and period in which they live.

Great Spiritual Masters like Sri Krishna, Buddha , Jesus Christ, Sri Rama, Sri Seshadri Swamigal , Shirdi Sai Baba etc., are avathars (Incarnation of God). Each spiritual master has offered their own unique path towards the highest Truth. However although the outer forms may differ the ultimate realisation is the same.This is a selection of Spiritual Masters who can be of service to aspiring seekers.)

….it is different. He will come with his wealth, but if humanity does not accept it, he will not curse humanity. Even if humanity insults him and speaks ill of him, he will not lodge a complaint against humanity to God. With his boundless patience he will say, “All right, today you are sleeping. Perhaps tomorrow you will get up and see what I have to offer. I will wait for you.” If you are fast asleep and someone pinches you and shouts, “Get up! Get up!” he is not doing you a favour. You will be annoyed. But the spiritual Master will not bother you; he will not ask you to get up. He will stay beside your bed and wait until you get up, and the moment you get up he will ask you to look at the sun.

If he is a real spiritual Master, he will not lose anything if earth rejects what he has, because he is well established in his inner life, in his inner consciousness. Again, if humanity accepts what he offers, he does not lose anything, either. The more he gives, the more he gets from the Source. Just as in the ordinary life the more knowledge we offer to others, the more we get, in the spiritual life also it is the same. A spiritual Master will never run short of Peace, Light and Bliss, because he is connected with the infinite Source of all.

Ordinary aspirants or the so-called Masters have limited capacity. If they give away something, they cannot replace it. But when one is in touch with unlimited capacity in the inner world, his source is like an ocean. One cannot empty the infinite inner ocean. The real Master wants to give everything to his devoted students, but their power of receptivity is limited. So he tries to widen their vessels and make them as big as possible so that the students can receive the Peace, Light and Bliss that he brings for them. But he cannot force an aspirant to receive more than he has the capacity to hold. If he does, then the vessel will give way. So a Master can only pour and pour and pour his infinite Light into his students, but once the limit of their receptivity is reached, it will all be wasted on them.

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