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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


How can a yogi obtain the perception of the ‘Neela Purusha’, the divine consciousness within him?


In the process of meditation, the vital fluid rises higher and higher until it becomes stabilized in the Sahasrara from which, in the course of further meditation the Blue Pearl (Neela Purusha) emerges. With further contemplation, the Blue Dot becomes pleased and explodes and reveals the Neela Purusha,( the Lord of Universe), the Blue person. According to Indian tradition, this Blue Person makes one a Guru. He gives one the command to impact knowledge to others. This Blue being is Supreme. People hearing of Him, wonder how such an immense Being can live within the Sahasrara. His form is composed of blue light, and the Upanishads describe Him as the “Thousand – Headed being”. One should be able to see the Blue Purusha (The Creator of the Universe) at least once. He is the inner Guru of all, the Supreme Principle.

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