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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


In every spiritual life a little materialism must fall. I am wondering if the Shakthi would make one a better bricklayer, a better doctor, or a better baker.


If after the inner awakening, the Shakthi did not enable you to function in your outer life, what would be the point of it? The Shakthi that I am speaking about is not an ordinary energy. It is the energy of Consciousness (Universal Energy), the Divine Creative Energy which creates the Entire Cosmos. The same Shakthi is dormant within us and becomes active through grace after which it is perfectly capable of taking care of our outer lives. In fact, it improves our outer lives immeasurably. With the aid of the inner Shakthi, a doctor can diagnose diseases without the use of many instruments, a mediocre bricklayer can become an expert in laying bricks, and a musician can fight with tremendous vigour, and a baker is able to bake the rays of Shakthi into his bread, making the bread very delectable.

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