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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

No amount of intellect can fathom Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal.

No amount of austerity can know HIM.”

    – Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal

  • God’s grace comes without deserving it. We can’t get grace by virtue of our so-called merit. “

  • Let your temptations be to tempt me with your love in order to receive my grace.”

  • I declare that I am in everyone, in every being. So, do not hate anyone or cavil at anyone. Spread love always, everywhere. That is the way of revering Me. Do not seek to measure Me or evaluate Me. I am beyond your imagination or understanding. Pray or worship for your own satisfaction and contentment.”

  • But to say that I will respond only if I am called, or that I will save only if I am thought of, is wrong. Have you not heard the declaration, “Sarvathah paani paadam?”

  • You can hear my footsteps, for I walk with you, behind you, beside you”

  • One turns away from the Guru who is near at hand and seeks to meditate on the Divine which is difficult of attainment, may be linked to one who throws away the treasure he already has and goes in search of a hidden treasure.”

  • If My actions cause confusion, it is because of your lack of complete trust. Therefore, uproot all doubt and remember well that whatever I do is for the best. All My Actions are My Divine Response born of My Divine Love.”

  • I am the ancient ONE (Adhi Moolam), the ONE residing in every heart. Therefore, love others, make others happy, and serve others even at discomfort to yourself.”

  • When you help others, God knows instantly and is pleased. No amount of prayer or meditation can do what helping others can do.”

  • The Self is not to be discovered in mountain caves or in holy rivers. It is there all along in your own consciousness. And you can assuredly reach it.”

  • Nobody suffers in vain, for true freedom is spiritual freedom and suffering is a ladder towards it. Man unknowingly suffers for God and the GOD-MAN (AVATHAR) KNOWINGLY SUFFERS FOR MAN.

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