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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

It is the miracle that makes the common people believes in a Sathpurusha (The Divine Master – Avathar).

One who has a pure mind, Bhava and Bhathi, and who always performs Sathkarmas (noble deeds), with full faith, derives both the temporal and spiritual benefits at a quicker pace through the help of a Sathpurusha or God.

Through a Sathpurusha or God, the common man is benefited, but it takes a longer time. Due to his sins and the adverse nature of his Buddhi (mind/intellect), Brahma Shakthi (universal energy or Divine Energy) from the Sathpurusha is not able to infiltrate into his mind quickly. It is his paapa (sin), that forms a hindrance to the Brahma Shakthi. With increasing association however, the Shakthi constantly affects those minds in a slow and subtle manner, and cleanses them of their paapa; and in due course they experience the miracles of their desires being satisfied.

The whole creation is in a state of Para-Brahma (Lord of the Universe). However, only a handful of men, (one in a million), with the help of punya arising from their Sathkarmas, are able to experience their Real Original State (Self-Realization).

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