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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Veeramma, a rich lady used to bring food for the Swamiji. There was one Swami at Veerapura known as Kokkarachedu Lingappa. He would ask for food when he needed and eat if offered. But he was not particular. He would go away after eating or in the middle of the meal saying that the Swami was satisfied. The street urchins used to throw stones at him. Once he bled profusely from his head, but he did not feel the pangs of pain. Veeramma on one occasion had just stepped out of her house carrying food for Sri Yerriswamy. Then Lingappa appeared and said he was hungry. But how could she give the food meant for Yerrithatha? Veeramma went back for getting food for Lingappa. Lingappa, knowing this because he was a “Yogi” and said to her that the Swami’s stomach was full.

Veeramma then left for Chellagurgi in the same breath. When she arrived, the Swamiji was fast asleep. It surprised her, as he would always wake up to receive the food. She waited in vain for the Swamiji to get up. How could he take the food, which she did not offer, to the other yogi, Lingappa, when he wanted it? It is only great people, the highly evolved souls that understand each other.


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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Amadali Venkatappa had to leave his place on account of the plague epidemic. He had perforce to leave all his belongings in his house but then, he was a big man and had big transactions. There was the fear of robbers. He could neither go out of the place nor stay in it. Venkatappa sought the Swamiji’s protection and blessing, as he wanted to go away from the place. On assurance given by the Swamiji Venkatappa left the place. After his return, the neighbours asked Venkatappa to whom he had entrusted the custody of his house because they had heard the sounds of footsteps at night. Somebody appeared to be coughing. Venkatappa was not surprised. Duly came his reply that the Swamiji was looking after his house. On hearing this, the thieves had not the courage to go near the house of Venkatappa.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Sri A.G. Shamanna after he passed the intermediate examination made preparations to go to Mysore for pursuing his studies. Sri Yerrithatha appeared in his dream and asked him not to proceed to Mysore. Sri Shamanna remonstrated with the Swamiji that it was rather difficult for him because he had made all arrangements. The Swamiji reluctantly said, “In that case, you may go and come.” Within three months, Sri Shamanna’s father passed away. He had to return to Bangalore. The Swamiji’s words “Go and come” had thus an ominous significance for Sri Shamanna.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Sri Yerriswamy was a great soul, an Avathara Purusha. The District of Bellary (A.P), celebrated in many ways, was sanctified by His presence.

Sri Mariswami Shivayogi, and his great disciple, Sakkari Kaadeppa, lived in Bellary and by their Super-human deeds, attracted a large following.

We may mention several in this connection, – Lakshamma of Adoni, Jedappa Thatha of Yammiganur, Gadilingappa of Gulya, Lingappa of Kokkarachedu, Mariswami of Balaganoor, Guddada Gavisiddheswara, and Chidanand avadhootha of Ayodhya, Shivarama avadhootha of Hemakoota and Venkavadhootha. They were all sages.

Sri Mariswami of Balaganoor, used to prophesy that to the village of Chellagurgi would be coming one day the great Yerriswamy. Before He came, it is said that Sri Mariswamy visited the village frequently and built a toy-like hut where the present Mutt is built. He used to answer, “This is a Mutt. Here would be arriving a great soul, a ‘Shiva yogi’. For Him I am building this Mutt. This place will become a famous centre of pilgrimage in future.”

True to this prophesy with in a short time, the great Yerriswamy arrived. It is learnt that he came to the place in the year 1897.

Sri Yerrithatha of Chellagurgi1 (Maha Samadhi-1922 AD.)

Staying in Mallamma’s House

Sri Yerrithatha used to go to about the bazaar. He would be either found at the Basaveswara temple or at the Kanyakaparameswari temple. Sometimes He used to be in the house of Guramu Sanjeevamma or in that of Hebbavasathi Jeevamma alias Mallamma. The latter was very poor, and by her devoted service became prosperous. Being a devotional lady, she extended her utmost hospitality to the saints and sages who visited her. Once a saint Allaswamy said to Jeejamma that a Swami greater than himself would be coming to her house and asked her to serve him and became prosperous. So saying he left. It was left to Jeejamma to serve the Swamiji when He came to her.

To those mothers who asked Him for a remedy for their children’s fever, he would ask for a piece of jaggery to stop it. When that was done, the fever would abate. When some others asked Him, he used to utter, ” Jaya Namah Parvatipathe Hara Hara Mahadev.” If He uttered these words, it meant that those children had no chance of survival.

Whole hearted devotion…. Cured leprosy

Her family had ostracized Yamunamma, as she was infected with leprosy. She sought the protection of Swamiji at the premises of the Mutt. She remained outside the main entrance of the Mutt by sweeping the veranda. As a consequence of her unassuming devotion, she became free from the fell disease. His mercy is truly infinite.

“You can take the snakes.”

Sri Yerrithatha used to stay at the same time in three or four places and would talk with the people. At Uruvakonda, two women had gone to invite him. The Swamiji dived into a well and brought out two snakes. To the utter surprise of the women, he said to them, ” You can take the snakes.” One woman ran away in fright and the other taking courage in both her hands agreed to take it. It is the lady that became rich soon after.

The dead calf came to life.

Once, Sri Yerrithatha approached a house and asked the old lady of the house to bring Him some curds. It so happened that a calf was dead in the house and we can understand the feelings of the woman who was asked for curds when the calf was dead. The Swamiji sensed the pangs of the old woman and gently kicked the dead calf commanding it to wake up. The dead calf at once came to life and went near its mother.

Used to plunge in one well and came out in another

Sri Yerithatha used to dive in the tank and swim at will in the wells. He would eat only when somebody offered Him. But again He would go down the water come out whenever it pleased Him. It once happened that a man jumped right on Sri Yerithatha when He was in water. As a result, the Swamiji went deep down the water. The nervous man began a frantic search for the Swamiji in the well but unable to find Him, was tracing his steps back into the town when he was perplexed beyond measure to find Him worshipping Basavanna at the local Basaveswara temple.

1(Chellagurki is a village on the Bellary – Anantapur Road. 40 kms from Anantapur by road. Andhra Pradesh. Anantapur (Mumbai- Bangalore railway route)

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