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About Sri Yerrithatha

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

“Sri Swamiji was a Siddhapurusha (Perfect Spiritual Master) and if He performed miracles, it was with a view to inspire devotion in his devotees and to induce in them an increasing faith in God. Prophets of God and great religious reformers before him have performed miracles. Did not Jesus Christ, Basaveswara and a host of others perform miracles? The Super natural events associated with them made the devotees God loving and religious minded.”


Many used to go to the Swamiji seeking his blessings. Many used to frequent the Mutt seeking his presence. Sri Yerrithatha used to speak but rarely. What exactly he was saying to the devotees and what exactly they made out of his words is not known. Even when he broke his silence, it was difficult to make out anything from his utterances. Expressions were often symbolic. Swamiji would often talk to himself. Sometimes the very words, which he was uttering to himself, became the answers to the devotees who prayed for his blessings.

He was often silent and to this silent saint, came people from all parts to have his ‘Darshan.’ Among them were the well-known saints, Sri Siddarudha of Hubli and Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Sri Rudhramuniswamy of Halvi charanagiri Mutt, a great yogi himself, took ‘darshan’ of Sri Yerrithatha on his way to Uruvakonda.

Sri Ramalinga Swamy, a great saint of South India (Kumbakonam-Tamil Nadu) was one such person who became a devotee of Sri Yerrithatha. Sri Ramalinga Swamy, used to say that Chellaguriki would become the ” Kadir Kamam of North.” (Kadir Kamam-Sri Lanka-famous Murugan (Karthik swamy) Temple)


The Swamiji shuffled His mortal coil at 10’clock in the morning on the fourth day of the month of Jyesta Suddha in the year of Dundhubhi corresponding to 1922 AD.

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