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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Nama Deva cried complainingly to Sri Vithala who then took pity on him and directed him to a Guru. That Guru was Visoba Khechara, himself a disciple of young Jnaneshwar.

Nama Deva left for Amvadhya and was told that Visoba was resting in the temple. Having entered the temple, he was shocked and surprised to find his future Guru lying on the floor, with his feet on the idol of Shiva.

“My Lord,” said Nama Deva, “Kindly remove your feet from the Linga.”

“That is right, my son,” said Visoba to Nama Deva, “I am an old man and haven’t got full control of my limbs and senses, so please remove my feet and place them where god is not.”

He went on trying in several directions, but wherever he turned, he found no place to rest the old man’s feet, as Lingas were everywhere.

Then the truth dawned in Nama Deva’s mind and he fell at the feet of the holy one, who blessed him and taught him how to recognize God’s presence, indeed everywhere, in all things, seen or unseen.

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Sant Namadeva’s Test

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae



Saint Jnaneshwar, his brothers Nivrutti Nath, Sopan and sister Mukta came for the first time to Pandharpur to have a darshan of Vithala. They fell at the feet of the Murti without first bowing to the devotees Nama Deva.

Thereupon Nama Deva felt exceedingly hurt and composed couplets censuring the young family of saints who did not even show normal respect to him who attended on the Lord day in and day out.

Mukta, who was not even in her teens, retorted that it was strange indeed for one who called himself a saint to speak thus. “He has learnt nothing, though he lives near God all the time.” Her brothers tried to pacify her but she went on saying. ” His pride is an impediment to his realization; he must give it up.” And then and there she composed abhangas decrying those pose as saints without the necessary humility.

Finally it was agreed that another much respected saint Gora, who was a potter, would test Nama Deva’s spiritual achievement. Having tested several saints including Jnaneshwar and his brothers and sister, Saint Gora found them all “Baked Pots” but when the turn of Nama Deva came, he pronounced him an “Unbaked Pot,” or one who was not yet fully established in selfless relationship with God.

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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae



When Nama Deva was five years old, his mother once sent him with a cup of milk to the temple, saying “Your father is late today. Therefore, you take the milk to God today, and offer it as Nivedan.”

The little boy trotted away carrying the milk very carefully and placed it before Sri Vithala.

“Drink this milk.” He told the Deity. But as could be expected, the stone Murti remained impassive. “Please, why don’t you drink it?” he asked again and again, perplexed at this show of indifference at his request. “Mother said you must drink the milk, so why don’t you drink it? Is it because I brought it?”

The milk naturally remained untouched. He became more and more impatient and finally utterly dejected, he despaired: “All right, – if you refuse to drink it, I shall break my head on these flagstones!” he cried, tears flowing out of his eyes, as he readied himself to crash his head on the hard floor. But at that instant, the cup was miraculously emptied and Vithala stood smiling before the little boy. Content, Nama Deva brought back the cup to his mother.

” What is this?” She exclaimed, “What did you do with the milk that was in it?”

” Sri Vithala drank it.”

” Don’t lie! You must have drunk it yourself.”

“No, Mother, I didn’t. Sri Vithala drank it himself.”

The sounds of quarrelling bought Damasheti into the house. His wife told him about Nama Deva’s lies and misbehaviour. He decided, however, to personally watch his son the next day, when Gonnaibai sent him again to offer a cup of milk to the Deity.

The same incident took place as the previous day, and Vithala obliged Nama Deva by duly emptying the cup. Damasheti witnessed the presence of Sri Vithala obeying his little boy’s orders under threat, and fell at His feet.

Vithala blessed both father and son and advised them not to reveal what they had seen.

Very soon, Nama Deva began to regard Vithala as his very own and dearest one. He would spend all his days in the temple, listening to songs in praise of the Lord, yearning in sweet verses for a vision of God. His mother constantly held him in remonstrance. She sent Nama Deva to his father’s shop to learn tailoring. But Nama Deva was to be found again crying to his Vithala in the temple. Gonnai took him by the hand and dragged him home, but found to her amazement that she was taking Vithala Himself and not Nama Deva. So she returned several times to the temple, unable to know the difference between her son and Vithala!

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Sant Namdeva

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


The originators and propagators of the cult of Hari Nama Kirtana and Hari Katha were the young saint Jnaneshwar, his brothers Nivruti and Sopan, and sister Mukta and Nama Deva.

Saint Pundalika is the one who brought the image of Sri Vithala and installed it in Pandharpur. He came from Karnataka. All saints therefore first bow to saint Pundalika’s temple before paying their respects to Sri Vithala. These congregations are called Varkaris (Pilgrims) and are said to belong to the Vithal Sampradaya.

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