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Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


  • The sayings of a man who practised what he preached must be of special interest to us:
  • Duty well performed purifies the mind, and qualifies one for Bhakti (Devotion). The Vedas should be followed as long as one has not risen above attachment and duality just as a watchman is needed to guard the fruits of a mango tree until the fruits are removed and then he can be dispensed with.
  • So when a man transcends body consciousness he is beyond the Vedic Order.
  • “Through Love,” says Saint Ekanth, “the devotee can even become God.” “God and His devotees are akin to the ocean and its waves.”
  • He also condemned unnecessary penance of the body while the mind remains steeped in worldliness.
  • “To emaciate one’s body with fasts and the like is not true penance. So long as evil passions persist in man, all external appliances are useless.”

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